Interview with Joseph Crawford (Darryl) Behind the Makeup…

Interview: Interview with Joseph Crawford

Behind the Makeup…

TW: What colour are your eyes?

Joseph. – Blue

TW: What do you do to take care of your skin?

Joseph. – I wash it every day with facewash. Avoid a lot of processed meats. Use moisturiser… and occasionally a face-mask.

TW: What do you do to take care of your health?

Joseph. – I try and go to the gym on a regular basis. I try to include fruits and veges in my diet. Sometimes I fail miserably.

TW: Are you concerned about your looks given the business you are in?

Joseph. – You have to be. When you’re on camera, make-up can only go so far. Camera also has the capacity to make someone look chubbier than they really are.

TW: Would you consider putting on or losing a lot of weight for a part?

Joseph. – Within reason, yes. This is the kind of spirit I respect in other actors… the will to go all the way! Do what must be done to make your character believable.


TW: Do you think that weight and looks should be important in the film business or do you think that there’s too much pressure put on actors to look a certain way?

Joseph. – To be honest, yes they are very important, and this factor can either win or lose you a lot of jobs depending on the character. If the character is described as an attractive one, the casting directors have to look for certain characteristics which are generally found attractive. However, I think there is a strong trend in film and tv for leading chracters to be good looking .

A lot of talented people miss out on roles because of these image requirements. If art is supposed to reflect reality then this is certainly not an accurate picture. It’s nice to be cast for looks but even better to be cast for talent.