Location Report – Tribe Series 3 Week 11 Production News

Tribe Series 3 is now into it`s twelfth week of principal photography from Monday 18th September – and the Cloud 9 team have celebrated being half way through production of Series III – but what happened last week in week 11 of the production?

You’ll find out below…

More exclusive Series 3 photos!

As always we have exclusive photos of our cast members before shooting on a cold location day in a local metal yard.

The scenes

Yet again we had two parallel days last week. These were on the Thursday and Friday and covered both the Studio and three different locations. 73 scenes were shot last week, totalling 77 mins of shooting time.

The locations

There were two location days last week using 3 different locations, a Park, a Riverside and Gas Plant/Metal Yard. These location shots used only up to 14 cast and extra members and were an action packed couple of days!!!

Make a start

The earliest crew call was 07.30am for the location days. The earliest call for our cast was 06.00am again for Laura Wilson – May (poor Laura!) and Meryl Cassie – (Ebony) for a location day. The lucky cast member with the latest pick up was Damon Andrews – The Guardian, (yet againŠwhat is this all about??) with a 10.40pm pickup.


As the photo below shows the weather was generally cold, windy and miserable last week. It`s just to remind us that it is not Summer here yet…!!

Here’s the record of the weather in week 11 of the production:

  • Monday 11th Sep – Showers becoming confined to the eastern hills, Southeast breezes.
  • Tuesday 12th Sep – Fine, a frosty start. Northerlies freshening later.
  • Wednesday 13th Sep – Rain and gusty northerly winds.
  • Thursday 14th Sep – Southerlies and showers.
  • Friday 15th Sep – Cloudy northerlies and showers.
  • See you again next week…

    Keep the Dream Alive…