Location Report – Tribe Series 3 Week 6 production news

Tribe Series 3 is now into its eighth week of principal photography from Monday 14th August – but what happened last week in week 6 of the production?

You`ll find out below…

More exclusive Series 3 photos!

Once again we have exclusive photos of our cast members. In this pic you can see Meryl Cassie and Dwayne Cameron training with a stunt trainer for a scene.

The scenes

There was just one parallel day last week. Which was good news for cast and crew alike. Going out and about on those frosty mornings isn`t always fun. About 60 scenes which totals only approximately one and a half Tribe episodes of screen time after about 90 hours of shooting time.

The locations

Three of the five days were shot in the Tribe studio last week. One day was shot outside the Tribe set and the fifth day was shot at a location 15 minutes away from the Cloud 9 Production Base.

Make a start

The earliest crew call was 05.30 am for Unit. Unit organises the meals for the cast and crew and make sure everyone has drinks and snacks through out the day. This is especially important for crew members who can`t get away from their posts – like the camera team. The earilest call for our cast was Vanessa Stacey – ALICE – who had a 5.30am pick up.


Once again we had nice days but with chilly chilly mornings.

Here`s the record of the weather in week 5 of the production:

  • Monday 7th Aug – Fine and light winds
  • Tuesday 8th Aug- Strong gusty northerlies. Possible showers.
  • Wednesday 9th Aug – Fine again with northerly winds developing.
  • Thursday 10th Aug – Cloudy northerlies but fine and remaining dry.
  • Friday 11th Aug – Strong gusty northerly. Drizzle likely.
  • More next week…

    Members of the camera crew getting ready to shoot a scene.