Matt Robinson (Slade) If I Were King or Queen for the Day?

Interview: Matt Robinson

If I Were King or Queen for the Day?

If you were King or Queen for the day, what would you do and why?

I would abolish all the boy bands and manufactured pop bands that clog up the charts with their souless rubbish, and stop the real musicians having a good crack at success.

I would insist everyone listens to Coldplay and Pearl Jam every day to set themselves in the right groove!

I would make the cinema and theatre tickets incredibly cheap, so that kids who normally could not afford it would be able to get creatively stimulated.

I would appoint Angelina Jolie as my Queen. I would lavish huge pay increases to all nurses and teachers. I would invest millions into cancer research.

I would set up shelters all around the world so that no one would be homeless – there can be no justification to seeing any human being on the street.

I would teach George Bush how to read and write and form complete sentences.

I would wish happiness and love to all my subjects.

I hope I wouldn’t be king for a day , fool for a lifetime.