Meryl Cassie (Ebony) Look into the Past…

Interview: Meryl Cassie

Look into the Past

If you could spend a day in any time period, which one would it be and why? What do you think you would learn most from the experience?

I would go back to our period in South Africa when I was two or three – living on my nana’s farm, with one bedroom for a family of ten, no electricity, a long drop outside, and crops and food you had to grow yourself due to shortage of money which couldn’t provide the roast meals we have today.

My mum always tells me about her mum being a solo parent with ten children and surviving in circumstances such as those. It would have been hell!

I would learn how to appreciate the things we have in life, it’s luxury! I know we can take things for granted. I certainly can.

So just to remind me how families suffered, I would take a ride back to George, our little home town in Capetown, South Africa.