Mouse Series Series 4 and 5
Tribe The Mallrats


Size is not everything. Mouse may be small and young but she has her own distinct character and makes a big impact.

Although younger than her brother Charlie, Mouse is more extrovert and vocal and in some ways, controls things more than her older brother. Mouse is looking for a stable and loving home but like Charlie, is initially distrustful and cynical of strangers.

Mouse has precocious entrepreneurial skills and is keen to spot an opportunity for a quick profit. She loves making mischief and having fun but has a kind heart overall and will do what she can to help others. This Mouse is the youngest – but not the most quiet – of the Mall Rats..

Cast Member

Name Jacinta Wawatai Birthday 12th August 1992

Interests Jacinta is a talented natural actress and she enjoys playing netball and making things.

Jacinta is the youngest member of the leading Tribe cast (apart from Brady!).

She has been appearing in commercials since she was 4 years old.
Recently she has been filming a movie in both New Zealand and the U.K called The Water Giant.