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News: 12th September 2001

Chat with Caleb Ross – LEX coming up on the UBB… 1 day to go!!

Official word around the Hexagon is that Caleb Ross is coming to chat live on the Tribeworld Chat this Thursday at 8am NZ time (Check out the ‘talk’ page for times around the world!!) Yes it’s true! He will be live in person from the Hexagon at Cloud 9 ready to answer your questions…

AND there is a chat session pending for the Atlantis High Chat later in the week. Why don’t you go to the Official Atlantis High website to check out who this might be.

Stay tuned…and Stay Tribal…Get ready for LEX – live to you on Thursday 8am NZ time.


Atlantis High commenced broadcast on Saturday with fantastic reviews backing it and amazing feedback from viewers already!!!!!!

If you live in the UK … Book your regular spot in front of the television every Saturday at 2.15pm to see the very first episodes of Atlantis High.

This fantastic show, Cloud 9’s latest production, commenced broadcast on Channel 5, September 8th 2001 @ 2.15pm and will feature every Saturday for 26 weeks after that. Click here for more details of Atlantis High on Channel 5 UK.

It is a weird, wacky, bubbly, hilarious show coming to rock your world!!!! You can enjoy reading about the background to the show, check out fantastic pictures of your favourite Atlantis High characters, marvel at the special effects, enter fantastic competitions and cast your Atlantis High vote… Click here to be magically transported to the brand new Atlantis High Website.

Atlantis High is tipped to be a major success around the world and is guaranteed to have you in stitches with its comical storylines, unbelievable sets and scenes and amusing characters.

The one and only – where ‘nothing is quite what it seems’! Check out fantastic pictures, behind the scenes action, synopsis, articles about the shooting process, who’s who in the show and more! It’s a buzzing new website – so get to it!

Beaches, Babes and Bronzed Hunks? “Nothing is quite what it seems”!

Atlantis High features some stars from the Tribe as you have never seen them before. These include: Michael Wesley Smith (JACK), Laura Wilson (MAY), Victoria Spence (SALENE), Lee Donaghue (SPIKE), Robyn Malcolm (MA’AM) and Miriama Smith (MOZ).

You can also check out the Cloud 9 website for the latest news about the series.


Check out the new site to see how to join and what you’ll get!

The lucky 100th new Official Atlantis High Fanclub member is…

SHABBIR SIDAT from Warwickshire, UK.

Congratulations Shabbir!

You’ll get the first Atlantis High episode script, signed by creator and Chief Executive of Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment, Raymond Thompson; an exclusive drinking flask, signed by Michael Wesley Smith (Giles Gordon in this new show) coming to you in the post soon.

AND a rockin phone call from Michael himself!!

Remember…nothing is quite as it seems!