Tribe News

News: 14 August 2006

The Tribe Series 4 – Available in one week!

Series 4 is the next series to be released after the successful release of Series 1, 2 and 3. The Tribe Series 4 will be available on 21st August 2006 from or Revelation Films. Series 4 introduces The Techno’s, a range of new characters and CityNet to the city.

A 7 disc set with all 52 episodes in English only. This DVD set also includes bonus extras which are still to be confirmed.

Series 5 is set to be released in November.

Dragon*Con 2006

Unfortunately Dwayne Cameron will no longer be attending DragonCon this year due to other committments that have come up. The Girls of 4218 have now confirmed that Caleb Ross will now be attending!

Tribe Red Dragon have managed to get some of your other favourite cast members along this year. Matt Robinson and Tom Hern will return for this years gathering, and everyone is thrilled that Laura Wilson will be making her Dragon*Con debut. Fans attending this year’s gathering will get the chance to meet the cast, get photos and autographs, and find out what they have been up to since they finished up on The Tribe.

But meeting the cast is only a part of it. The Tribal Gathering at Dragon*Con is a chance for fans to meet other fans, discuss the show and the fandom, and have fun. Besides panels with the cast, there will be lots of discussions, question and answer panels, and competitions all weekend. For more information about what is planned for the Tribe Track this year visit The Gathering website.

Dragon*Con is America’s largest ,multi-media, popular arts convention – focussing on science fiction and fantasy, gaming