Tribe News

News: 17th July 2000

Live Internet Interview!

Users of Tribeworld may remember that we try to have frequent live interviews by members of cast on the Tribeworld Bulletin Board.

This happened several times during the course of production of Tribe Series 2 but we haven’t had a live interview for a few weeks now because the cast were “off” from production and back at school/college, et cetera.

But now the cast are back at the Cloud 9 production studios and are working on Tribe Series 3 – which means we are going to be arranging some cast appearances live and exclusive to Tribeworld!

Who will the first cast member be? Dwayne Cameron (BRAY)? Meryl Cassie (EBONY)? Beth Allen (AMBER)? Or somebody else?

Stay tuned and we’ll advise here in Guide News as soon as we can – and on the Tribe General Chat part of the Bulletin Board…

Yum yum!

On Monday 17th July at the Cloud 9 Studios there are two visitors to the Tribe – Genna Marshall and Daniel Friar.

Genna and Daniel were the two winners from the Cloud 9 Open Day/Tribal Gathering from 25th June where there was a competition to win a day in the Tribe and to meet the cast.

Well done to Genna and Daniel who have their day at the studio, their role in the Tribe – and lunch with the Tribe cast and crew. Yum yum!

We’ll have some pictures of their special day next week in Location Report.

UK news – did you hear this, please repeat?

By popular demand the Tribe is back on Channel 5!

Series 3 will not hit television screens until November 2000 (because it is still being made – check out Location Report) but Channel 5 are repeating EVERY TRIBE EPISODE EVER in both Series 1 and Series 2!


So don’t miss the opportunity during the summer hols to catch up with your favourite episodes and scenes – or to see anything you may have missed before.

The Tribe is on every morning on Channel 5 at 09.00 – relive that magic!


Last week we banned some silly people who had been mis-using the Tribeworld Ultimate Bulletin Board in Tribe Talk.

We believe in freedom of speech as a whole but offensive and rude behaviour is nothing more than stupid and will not be tolerated.

Users who are stupid (duh!) will be banned and have their messages deleted. If they persist with new registrations we will ban their IP address. If then they persist (perhaps with access to more than one computer) then we will take things further and prosecute if needs be (Tribeworld has stringent security systems in place to track down idiots).

Unfortunately the activities of a mindless minority may affect the 99% of genuine and proper users of Tribe Talk. You may find you log on but the Bulletin Board says “your IP has been banned”. If you are a genuine user please log off and log on again – you will be able to use the system again. It’s just the way our banning system works.

We know this may inconvenience some of you (because you will have to log on again) but feel this is better than the greater inconvenience there would be if some thicko fools out there continued to be rude and offensive – so we stop them.