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News: 21st May 2001

Second Tribe Book, ‘Mall Rats’ – read all about it!

Yay! Not long now until the release of the second Tribe Book – the name of it being “Mall Rats”. This is a big event as it is released throughout New Zealand and will be available in all good book stores.

This will be happening in early June – so NZ fans mark your diaries, save your money and head to your nearest bookstore in a couple of weeks!

Random House publishers are publishing this latest Tribe novel, inspired by the hit series and featuring some fabulous stories and developments. This is a book you will not want to put down!

For international Tribe fans we will inform you how you can obtain your copy of ‘Mall Rats’ as soon as details come to hand.

USA seven days to go and counting! – Tribe Marathon on its way!

There was a hugely successful Tribe marathon in the USA on Labor Day last year and WAM! are having another one in a weeks time!

Tribe fans are counting the days until they can sit down to a whole 24 hours of fabulous Tribe Series II.

The Marathon is all day May 28 midnight to midnight, which is Memorial Day in the US. It is likely to be all of Series II that will be screened and there will be a special viewing of Tribe Bloopers that will be slotted in between programs (so you can’t leave the screen at all!!)

US fans will also get to see the Tribe Music Clips of Abe Messiah and You Belong to me, as well as some exclusive to ‘WAM’ Tribe Greetings from some of your favourite characters! Don’t miss it! 24 hours of THE TRIBE… if only all television was like this!

Tribe hits Pataka Museum in a big way

Saturday 19th May saw a fantastic Tribe dress-up competition held at the Pataka Museum in Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand.

Over the last few months there has been a special exhibition at Pataka Museum featuring a lot of work from Cloud 9 and ultimately The Tribe. It is primarily exhibiting all the major locations used for filming in the Porirua and surrounding areas. Of course this includes a lot of the Tribe and several other Cloud 9 titles. One of the most memorable locations and scenes filmed in that area was when Amber, Bray, Dal and Bob were coming ashore from searching for the ‘Hope Island’ location.

There were a huge number of people present and an ultimate chance for a Tribe dress-up contestant to win a part on Tribe IV as an extra for a day.

Adjudicator for the day was a member of Cloud 9’s ‘Hexagon’ fan club staff, and thought the costumes were fantastic. The children had gone to a lot of effort creating their costumes, some as part of their holiday programme, and there were more there who were dressed up than had even entered the actual competition. The major prize winner was awesome with belts and other accessories made of bottle tabs, a very Tribal style.

So thanks to Pataka for creating such a professional and successful exhibition incorporating The Tribe. There have been many favourable reports on how brilliant it is and hosting the Tribe dress-up day helped the children ‘keep their dream alive’ by being able to show their Tribal style.

Tribe is a hit in Germany!

The Tribe has been a great success in Germany so far, where it is broadcast on KIKA. There is an official German website which is receiving loads of hits from German fans – the address is

The Tribe has also been a major item in magazines and periodicals throughout Germany and has attracted great reviews, being the “pick of the week” in many publications.

Lots of German fans have already joined the Official Tribe Fan Club and we would like to welcome you all to the Tribe of fans around the world! Check out some German websites.

Monday 14th May was a big day because it saw the release of the first Tribe single in Germany from the Tribe album! There are three fab songs to hear – “You Belong to me”, “Abe Messiah” and “Abadeo” – which Tribe characters can you recognise singing?

The Tribe album itself will be released throughout Germany from 11th June, so only a few weeks to go until you can sing to all of the Tribe songs!

We will be keeping you updated with all the news and developments of the Tribe in Germany – so stay Tribal!

Atlantis High – Beaches, Babes and Bronzed Hunks? “Nothing is quite what it seems”!

This is Cloud 9’s new comedy melodrama series, Atlantis High, which completed production last week and is now in the throngs of Post-Production.

This unique series is unlike anything else on television and promises to be a smash hit around the world. The series is available as 26 x half-hour episodes, and will be ready to be delivered to broadcasters around the world from the middle of this year.

Atlantis High features some stars from the Tribe as you have never seen them before. These include: Michael Wesley Smith (JACK), Laura Wilson (MAY), Victoria Spence (SALENE), Lee Donaghue (SPIKE), Robyn Malcolm (MA’AM).

Cloud 9 are working on and keep an eye out as this website will be up and ready soon with some amazing sneak info on the series, behind the scenes antics, gossip columns and more…

You can also check out for the latest news about the series.