Tribe News

News: 23rd July 2002

New German Tribe book!

A third fiction novel based upon “The Tribe”, is to be released in Germany at the end of September 2002 by Dino Entertainment.

The new book is called “Das Zeitalter der Auserwählten” (The era of the Chosen) and follows the popular first two books inspired by The Tribe and published by Dino Entertainment called “Beautiful New World” and “Between Hope and Anxiety”.

“Das Zeitalter der Auserwählten”


Cloud 9’s latest series Revelations is almost finished in post-production and will be airing in a few weeks on Channel 5 – October 6th 2002.

Don’t forget it’s a great chance to see some of your favourite Tribe stars in fantastic new roles and guises. Check out the website for more information

Beth Allen in “Revelations – the initial journey”