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News: 24th July 2001

Series IV latest UPDATES – Who is left to announce? Watch this space!

What is this? Who is it? Stay tuned for Series IV and you will find out.

Series IV starts principle photography on August 13, 2001. Fan club members are receiving exclusive updates on characters who are returning for the new series, so if you want to be the first to know who’s who and what’s what, then join here.

You all saw the huge climax to Series IV with a plane hovering overhead, sky jumpers from a strange and unknown tribe, Amber and Bray being banished from the city with Amber in labour, and much more.

Who else is returning you ask??? We have confirmed so far the return of Meryl Cassie (EBONY), Beth Allen (AMBER), Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu (CLOE), Caleb Ross (LEX), Antonia Prebble (TRUDY), Michael Wesley-Smith (JACK) and Nick Miller (PRIDE).

There will be more announcements to come, but who will it be?

Stay tuned for more gossip and maybe some sneak pictures of new and old cast members!

Tribeworld UBB/Chatroom – What about it do you ask?

On a serious note Please DO NOT give out your personal information (phone number, address etc.) to other users of the Bulletin Board or Tribe Chat. Although some of you may think we are over reacting, we only have your security in mind.

The UBB has undergone several changes over the last few days as you may have noticed.

Forums – 6 forums are disappearing – they are Cloud 9 Production Centre, Worldview, Tribestyle, Trivia, Tribe Zone and Tribemaster Forums.

Signatures – from Monday 23rd July it will no longer be possible to have automated signatures. This is because many signatures are way too long at the moment and take up loads of room on the server, slow down the workings of the UBB – and force users to scroll through loads of pages when reading topics.

Private Messages – Private Messages: this will disappear from Monday 23rd July for improved security reasons.

Future cast chats – we will continue to have cast chats on the Tribe UBB and the new chat room and will advise where the chats will take place when we have the next cast appearance!

There is an archive forum for the Cast Interviews to give you an opportunity to save previous cast chat sessions. However this is only temporary so if you want a record of them, SAVE NOW!!

What is new in Tribeworld?

Have you seen everything on Tribeworld this week? It is packed full of hot gossip and feature articles. If you happen to miss anything, why not try searching in the archive sections of each page. Otherwise check out the what is new page which lists the latest articles. Here is an outline of the most recent new articles:

Atlantis High website live and pumpin’! Check it out!

While pre production of Tribe Series IV is taking place at the Cloud 9 studios, post production of Atlantis High is taking place! The final few episodes are being mixed as we speak and it is tipped to be a major success around the world. It is guaranteed to have you in stitches with its comical storylines, unbelievable sets and scenes and amusing characters.

The one and only – where ‘nothing is quite what it seems’! Check out fantastic pictures, behind the scenes action, synopsis, articles about the shooting process, who’s who in the show and more! It’s a buzzing new website – so get to it!

Beaches, Babes and Bronzed Hunks? “Nothing is quite what it seems”!

This is Cloud 9’s new comedy melodrama series, Atlantis High, which completed production in May. This unique series is unlike anything else on television and promises to be a smash hit around the world. The series is available as 26 x half-hour episodes, and will be ready to be delivered to broadcasters around the world from the middle of 2001.

Atlantis High features some stars from the Tribe as you have never seen them before. These include: Michael Wesley Smith (JACK), Laura Wilson (MAY), Victoria Spence (SALENE), Lee Donaghue (SPIKE), Robyn Malcolm (MA’AM) and Miriama Smith (MOZ).

You can also check out the Cloud 9 website for the latest news about the series.

Fantastic NEW Merchandise in the Tribe store – check it out NOW!!

The Tribe Store is rapidly expanding to include the fantastic new range of Tribe merchandise. We have just released details of the latest and greatest Tribe merchandise available to Tribe Fans. You can see the range and prices at the Tribe Store

Among the usual ‘Tribal’ items available, there are now many new items of which you should get your hands. Latest items include: Exclusive Tribe One Postcard set, Tribe Pencil case, Tribe Cap, Tribe Beanie, Tribe Address Book, Tribe Bag and, last but not least, a Tribe Teddy Bear.

Get saving cos these are the most fabulous items to be seen with!!! You can place your order and see prices at the Tribe Store


Tribe Fan Club members wait no more!!!!!

‘Mall Rats’ – the new book is now available through the fan club store at $13.45 plus postage and packaging (same as the first Tribe book – Power & Chaos).

New Zealand fans attention!!! You can also go to your local bookstore to buy your copy of The NEW Tribe Book – ‘Mall Rats’.

Mall Rats tells the story of Tai San and the Mall Rats and how they manage to survive in a world without adults. It features all the trials and tribulations of your favourite characters.

So head to your bookstore now …

Check out the German website – Tribeworld

The Tribe has a cult following in Germany since the first broadcast back in April. Millions and millions of viewers are tuning in across the country, with popularity and demand for all things Tribal increasing every day.

We invite you to send in any pictures you have taken of all things Tribal! If you have any Tribe inspired pictures then send them in to

Here is a fantastic picture sent in to us of Molly the Tribe fan, dressed as “Zoot’s True daughter!”

There have been many millions of hits every week to the official German website of Tribeworld at Why don’t you check it out and see what is happening with the Tribe in Germany and test your German speaking skills?!

The Tribe is huge in Germany, particularly since the Tribe is shown right across the country on KIKA. Every day there are tonnes of letters to the Tribe Stars from German fans as well as all those in english-speaking countries. It’s fantastic to see such an immediate response from fans across the world.

Additionally, the Tribe album “Abe Messiah” has recently been released across the country, and you can find it in all good record stores.

Until next news session,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…