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News: 25th March 2002

Tribe DVD’s out today!

The Tribe DVD’s and Video’s are released today! Check out your local store and of course you can order them online at

DVD 1 includes Episodes 1-4 with a bonus documentary “The Making of The Tribe”

DVD 2 includes Episodes 5-9 and includes a bonus “Interactive character guide of The Tribe”


Over the next couple of weeks we’re holding The Tribe Awards. First of all there is going to be votes on Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Costume, Best Tribe Song etc. Just cast your vote in the pop up menu on the homepage.

PLUS there is going to be a Tribe Award 2002 for Best Fan Site! Cast your vote for the best fan site by sending an email with the name and URL of the site to

Tearaway Magazine!

Tearaway is a cool teenage magazine printed in New Zealand and it has it’s own website. Tearaway has done some features on The Tribe before and has a latest feature on Caleb Ross (Lex). You can check it out at

UK Tribe 4 Exclusive!

Watch The Tribe this Saturday at 1.55pm. It’s now on for an hour every Saturday!

There’s so much drama packed into this weekend’s episode! Cloe thinks she might be pregnant…but should she tell Ved?

Citynet is set up all over the city for the broadcast of the live fight.

Lex is in trouble and it’s a question of who is going to help him….and if they’re too late…

Check out the latest plot synopsis for more sneak preview action

Until next week,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…