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News: 2nd May 2002

Revelations Website!

The Revelations website – is up and running! All you Tribe fans eager to see who is in this fantastic new series, and what it’s all about check out the latest Cloud 9 series.

The site has information, preview video clips and photos from this exciting forthcoming series, which is still currently in production (until the end of May 2002).

More content will be added to the site as new episodes are filmed.

We invite you on a journey around the world, through life, and across time…

UK Tribe 4 Exclusive!

Watch The Tribe this Saturday at 1.55pm on Channel 5. It’s on for an hour every Saturday!

Pride is saved by Jay – reality space is not all it’s cracked up to be. But Ram is determined to have everyone in the city playing “The Game”.

Mouse and Sammy are eager to sign up and give it a go. But Mouse also confuses real zappers for fake…

Plus an old face returns…

Check out the latest plot synopsis for more sneak preview action

Until next week,

Stay Tribal and Keep the Dream Alive…