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News: 3rd September 2001

Massive competition!!!! Drawn 3rd September!! announcing Winners!!

This Guide News sees the announcement of the latest and greatest Tribe Competition … winners will receive the most awesome T-shirt and hat…they are Tribe products worn on the UK/German tour and autographed by Caleb Ross.

The answer to the question: ‘Who does this blurred face belong to?’ is TRUDY.

First prize – winner of the T-shirt worn on the UK trip and autographed by Caleb Ross – LEX, is Helen Rayner of Essex ENGLAND.

Second prize – winner of the hat autographed by Caleb Ross – LEX, is Noora Nurminen of Helsinki, Finland.

This photo was taken during filming on the 23rd August 2001.

This competition was open to fan club members only. Thanks to the huge number of fans who entered!!

USA fans – ATTENTION!! Tribe III on your screens and Tribe Marathon – YEHAA…

Today is the day for the USA!!!!!!

Sources have informed Tribeworld that Tribe III is to officially commence broadcast on WAM on September 3rd. This is fantastic news and will surely be a cause for celebration for all USA Tribe fans.

Season III starts on September 3rd as part of an all day marathon. September 3rd is Labor Day (a major holiday in the USA) and WAM! will air episodes of season II all day and then at 9pm (eastern) the first two episodes of season III will play. After Labor Day, a new episode of season III will premiere every Friday night at 8:30pm.

Atlantis High coming to Channel 5 in the UK!!

Are you ready??? Well you better be!!!

This fantastic show, Cloud 9’s latest production, will commence broadcast on Channel 5, September 8th 2001 @ 2.15pm and every Saturday for 26 weeks after that. Click here for more details of Atlantis High on Channel 5 UK.

Atlantis High is tipped to be a major success around the world and is guaranteed to have you in stitches with its comical storylines, unbelievable sets and scenes and amusing characters.

The one and only – where ‘nothing is quite what it seems’! Check out fantastic pictures, behind the scenes action, synopsis, articles about the shooting process, who’s who in the show and more! It’s a buzzing new website – so get to it!

Beaches, Babes and Bronzed Hunks? “Nothing is quite what it seems”!

This is Cloud 9’s new comedy melodrama series, Atlantis High, which completed production in May 2001. This unique series is unlike anything else on television and promises to be a smash hit around the world. The series is available as 26 x half-hour episodes, and is now ready to be delivered to broadcasters around the world.

Atlantis High features some stars from the Tribe as you have never seen them before. These include: Michael Wesley Smith (JACK), Laura Wilson (MAY), Victoria Spence (SALENE), Lee Donaghue (SPIKE), Robyn Malcolm (MA’AM) and Miriama Smith (MOZ).

You can also check out the Cloud 9 website for the latest news about the series.

Series IV latest UPDATES – Several weeks filming now!!

Filming for Series IV started several weeks ago now. All is running smoothly but is very hectic with lots of footage being shot each day! There are some fantastic photos coming through from filming showing some awesome new ‘looks’ and locations for Tribe Series IV.

Go to the latest location report to find out exactly what happened on set last week.

Stay tuned for more gossip and maybe some sneak pictures of new and old cast members!

Chat with cast member on the UBB… Jennyfer Jewell- ELLIE will be here!

The chat with Meryl Cassie last Thursday was fantastic. Many many fans from all over the world ventured into the chatroom for an on-line chat with Meryl to get their questions answered by her and have a general chat with her.

The next Tribe cast member to jump on Tribeworld for a live chat session is Jennyfer Jewell ELLIE, and the time will be Thursday 8am NZ time. Check the Talk page for times around the world.

So get your questions ready and launch onto Tribeworld and chat live to Jennyfer before she starts filming her scenes on Thursday.