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News: 5th April 2004

Caption Competition

Brand new section on Tribeworld this week! Check out the Caption Competition! Each competition will be open for two weeks and there’s autographed photo cards from the cast to be won!

We have thousands of photos from the series and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy captioning the photos. Good luck!


You Pleaded! You Persisted! You Kept the Dream Alive! And now Tribe 5 is on WAM!

USA fans will be happy that WAM! will be showing Tribe 5 in the very near future! Click the banner above to check out WAM!’s Tribe page to see exclusive interviews with the cast that were captured during their Dragon*Con appearance in Atlanta plus all the latest information from WAM!

Tribe 3 on SVT!

Great news from SVT in Sweden – the third season of The Tribe will begin screening very soon.

Yay! That means that you will get to see some of the new characters that have become very popular including Eagle, Pride, Ned, Tally and Andy and of course the arrival of The True Bringers of Power and Chaos!

There are some great plot twists, some love triangles, and some interesting developments to keep you glued to your TV sets. Emotions run high in this series – are you ready for it?


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