Obsessions in The Tribe


Ram is obsessed with his Virtual Reality world. He is always wanting to create bigger and better things. Ram’s latest idea is to live forever in his virtual world – how he is going to do this is yet to revealed. Ram is also obsessive about germs and infections, he easily catches colds and flus and is very wary of “virts” giving him germs. He wears gloves and sometimes a mask to help prevent contamination.


Early in The Tribe Salene had an obsession with Bray. She knew he had feelings for Amber and she knew he had loyalities with Trudy and Brady. But Salene couldn’t help her feelings for Bray. Salene wants to love and to be loved and she thought she could have this with Bray. Unfortunately Bray didn’t feel the same way but Salene didn’t give up easily because she was obsessed with her ideal of a relationship.

Salene also had an obsession with her appearance. This led to Bulimia where she was obsessed by food – she wanted it – but she didn’t want it.


Bray is liked by lots of females and Ebony was just another. She longed for Bray even throughout their school days – what Ebony wants, Ebony gets – usually.

There is nothing Ebony likes more than a challenge and Bray was certainly a big one. Ebony saw everything in Bray that she ever wanted in a partner. He is kind, gentle, protective and smart.

Ebony was so obsessed with Bray that her jealousy raged when she knew that Amber and Bray were together. With the explosion at Eagle Mountain, the perfect opportunity arose for her to be rid of Amber once and for all.

She made up a whole story to devastate Amber into leaving, and it worked.

The Guardian / The Chosen

The Guardian in his school days was called Jaffa. He certainly wasn’t a popular boy at school but he always wanted to be. He admired Martin (Zoot) for his strong beliefs and his “do whatever you like” attitude.

When Zoot died the Guardian took it upon himself to carry on Zoots beliefs. The Guardian became obsessed with Zoot and everything he stood for. But he wasn’t content with a small group of followers – he got greedy. The Guardian wanted to rule the entire city under The Chosen.


Pride is a strong believer in morals, nature and a better way of life. When he was introduced to Virtual Reality all those beliefs flew out the window. The game completely white washed him and he basically had no control left of his own mind. He was obsessed with The Game and nothing was going to stop him from indulging.

Pride was prepared to lie, cheat and steal to get his “fix” of The Game.

It almost killed him

What is obsession?

To be obsessed – to have a recurrent, persistent thought, image or impulse that comes involuntarily to mind despite attempts to ignore or suppress it.

Positive and Negative Obsession

Obsession can be both good and bad. A healthy obsession might be a project someone is working on. Someone may invent something like a cure through an obsession to find it.

Ram’s obsession has had both good and bad sides. Technologically he has made some fantastic breakthroughs with his computerised devices and ultimately with his virtual world.

But Ram’s obsession has come at a price. He has experimented on kids throughout the city to get his programs up and running and this had had adverse effects on them all.

Amber, Bray and Jay are obsessed with creating a new world that works in harmony. They work ceaselessly to help others and to make the city a fairer place. Their obsession almost borders on addiction – These are positive people trying to make a difference, no matter what the cost. They are willing to risk their lives for the good of the city.


The consequences of obsession can be hard on anyone who has an obsession and on the people around them. They need emotional support because sometimes they have these obsessions but not by choice.

There are also obsessive compulsive disorders. Where someone repeatedly does something over and over again, for example, washing their hands. They might never feel that their hands are clean or if they touch anything that they are touching germs. These people might wash their hands hundreds of times a day. They know what they’re doing is obsessive but they can’t help themselves – it becomes a habit.

There are many types of obsession and they all need to be nurtured and supported in their own way.