Part of everyday shooting – “CALL SHEETS”

`must have` for every member of staff at Cloud 9, including both production and administration. An essential part of planning, organising and identifying where and when very cast and crew member will be throughout any one day of production.

There is one call sheet per day of production, of which there can be up to five different types and consist of often three or four different parts: Studio, Location, Parallel Day, Wet Weather, Publicity.

Check out page one and page two of a Tribe Callsheet from Friday 1st December 2000. Extra pages not seen here include detailed descriptions of scenes to be shot and an advance schedule, which is a brief scene summary for the next few days.

They are all identified by colour:

  • A Studio shooting day is white,
  • Location is green,
  • Wet weather are blue and are usually attached to location callsheets if filming is outside,
  • Parallel days have the first crew callsheets as white and the second crew as pink.
  • Any publicity is pink.
  • As you can see timing is crucial, each team meets at a certain time depending on their tasks. ie. Make-up and Wardrobe are always early starters as this is the first place the cast go to when they arrive. You can see that even the cast pick-up times (and drivers) are accurate to the last minute, when they should be in make-up, then to wardrobe, then on set ready for filming.

    The number of scenes shot on this particular day (which was Friday 1st December – near the last day of filming for Tribe III) was 12, and the duration of filming for the show was 12 minutes 40 seconds, which is considered to be a huge day of filming.