Quick Fire Questions with Tom Hern (RAM)

Interview: Quick Fire Questions with Tom Hern

TW: Apples or Pears?

Tom – Apples

TW: Chocolate or lollies?

Tom – Chocolate

TW: Rap or R&B?

Tom – Rap

TW: Books or movies?

Tom – Movies

TW: Coffee or tea?

Tom – Coffee

TW: Chess or cards?

Tom – Chess

TW: Cars or motorbikes?

Tom – Cars

TW: Swimming or rockclimbing?

Tom – Swimming

TW: Letters or emails?

Tom – Emails

TW: Birthdays or Christmas?

Tom – Christmas

TW: Blondes or brunettes?

Tom – Brunettes

TW: Short or tall?

Tom – Short

TW: Adventure or beach holiday?

Tom – Beach holiday

TW: Ice cream or cake?

Tom – Cake

TW: Snow or sun?

Tom – Sun