Responding to a crisis

All sorts of disasters happen around the world – this articles deals with an emergency plan for you and your family that might help you in being prepared for the unexpected.

This article doesn’t deal with the emotional side of a disaster – which can be devastating. Please read another of our articles on Death and Coping

“Authorities are appealing for calm throughout the evacuation process…”

In the opening credits of the Tribe, a concerned newsreader issues a warning as the virus wreaks havoc and people are forced to respond to an immediate crisis.

The Mall Rats are forced to live without the basics to which they had become accustomed such as a mains water supply and electricity. They are made to improvise in order to establish other basic survival needs such as shelter, food and clothing. Civil order undergoes an upheaval and, as a result of these catastrophic events, teenage science fiction television will never be the same again.

Now I know that we hate to think about it, but there comes a time when we must face up to the facts. A civil emergency is a very real possibility for each and every one of us.

Top 5 Catastrophes

And just when you thought it was safe …to visit tribeworld… we are going to remind you of the following Top 5 world natural catastrophes… some or all which could apply to you.

1. Earthquake
2. Flood
3. Tsunami
4. Fire
5. Volcanic eruption

Close runner up: Storm

Slightly less likely but still a distinct possibility … Virus

What measures can you take to prepare yourself ?

All you need is…

A. Basic Survival Kit.

Featuring all the family favourites….

  • Candles
  • Matches or lighter
  • Water stored in clean, sealed plastic bottles (3 litres per person, per day)
  • Cans or sachets of food (non-perishable)
  • Can opener
  • Torch and spare batteries
  • Battery operated radio and spare batteries
  • First Aid kit and any essential medications

And who could forget…

  • Large plastic bags and toilet paper

Plus, if you have one…

Baby supplies

Plus, if you want to keep one…

  • Pet supplies

B. Get to know your neighbours

In the Tribe the characters are forced to rely on each other and develop mutual trust in order to survive. The same would happen to us in such a case so… invite yourself over to your neighbours and get to know them.

In a crisis you’re going to need their help. Are any of your neighbours builders, electricians, plumbers? Who is going to look after young children? Does somebody have a swimming pool or other source of water? A barbeque for cooking? A bike or motorbike to get around on if the roads are blocked?

It’s worth chatting with your neighbours and having a basic contingency plan for an emergency. Incidentally, it is highly likely you will be offered a selection of your neighbour’s finest baking and talk of the emergency plan will steer conversation away from the fact that you have forgotten to help with the communal weeding for the last 2 years.

C. Have an Emergency Plan

Talk to your family about a central place to meet in an emergency. Make sure people in your household know where to turn off the power, gas and water. Make arrangements for both if you were at home and at school. Keep important family documents and a survival kit in a safe place.

D. Water

So where did the Tribe get water from before Ram reopened the Water Supply in Tribe IV? Water can be found in rivers as well as hot water tanks and, if you’re really desperate, the cistern of the toilet. Yum! You could also collect rain water with plastic sheeting. You may have to purify the water  the mouth watering combination being 10 drops of household bleach to 5 litres of water. Leave for 3 minutes and Bon Appetit!

E. Fire and Cooking

Great if you have a barbeque or gas burner. If you haven’t you will have to improvise.
To build a fire, follow these easy steps:

  • Use bricks or rocks and make into a U shape frame
  • Fill with twigs, wood or coal
  • Put frame (eg. Chicken wire) over hearth
  • Light with matches while keeping extinguisher (such as soil, water, sand) handy.
  • When finished, bury remaining bits underground.

F. Warmth and shelter

Obviously the fire mentioned previously will come in handy. If you are stuck outside and cannot enter your house (if your house does indeed still exist), your first priority must be to keep warm. Use an old rug if possible  remember WOOL is best. You could cut a hole in it and tie string around your waist. Not highly fashionable but who’s looking? Then put a plastic rubbish bag over the top to keep dry and the look is complete and it’s – COSY!

Stay out of the wind. You may need to fashion a construction from any materials you can find such as wood, cardboard, canvas  anything that keeps you warm and dry must be an improvement.

Once you’ve logged off here, go and check out how prepared you really are for that crisis. It is worth taking the time as it might just save your life.