Special Live Chats Report

Many of you like to have the chance to ‘chat’ with cast members of your favourite shows and here at Tribeworld we are proud to offer more of this kind of service than most other television program’s websites.

Beth Allen is in the house!

Throughout the filming (and between productions) there have been several live cast chats on both tribeworld.com and tribeworld.de but how do we make this happen?

During filming it can be more difficult than you would imagine to be able to get the time for the as members to come in and participate in a live chat. They are normally required on set from early in the morning all through the day and into the evening and it is lucky that sometimes we can find a window of opportunity to get them into the Hexagon to chat with you.

The cast member is picked up from their home or the cast house and brought into the Hexagon by 07.45 which gives them enough time to make a piece of toast and get settled before the questions come poring in.

Caleb Ross getting right into the chat.

There are a few staff in the Hexagon who sit at their computers and type in the replies to the hundreds of questions that come in. The cast member provides the answers to the questions that are shouted out by the Hexagon team.

It might interest you to know that the cast member sits by the side of one of the team and chooses which questions he or she would like to reply to.

Jaimee Kaire Gataulu thinking of a reply.

In many cases the same type of questions get asked over and over again and so the cast member and the rest of the team decide that one set of these questions should be answered.

This gives the opportunity for more questions to be replied to but gives fans who asked the same type of questions to read these answers in the one post.

Cast members love the chance to come in and chat with their fans and are always humbled by the experience; they find it mind boggling to think that so many people are interested in them!

A time limit has to be set for cast chats because inevitably they are required back on set. Before they go however, they get the chance to read through any recent fan mail and emails that come in and reply to those they can and dictate a standard reply to the mail that they cannot answer personally.

Nick Miller’s enjoying himself.

The Hexagon team often then take some piccies of the cast member, get them to sign some postcards and other merchandise, conduct audio and video interviews if time permits and then it’s back to set for the cast member!

A member of the Internet Services team, having a good day.