What is the Hexagon? Is it some secret service area? Is it a building shaped like a Hexagon? What goes on in the Hexagon? Are the people that work in there some kind of weird TRIBE?

Well these are all questions that should be answered! Or some at least!

What is the Hexagon?

It is a special workplace area within Cloud 9 with a large team of workers, always a hive of activity, where the fanclub is based, the website is administered, where the still photos of the Tribe are analyzed, recorded and catalogued, and where the merchandise is dispatched from, the Cloud 9 Children`s Foundation is administered, where the Broadcast tapes are dispatched from.

Meryl chats to a competition winner on the phone.

So as you can see, it is the hub of almost all the activity within Cloud 9, with the exception of Filming, Post Production Editing, Accounts. If there is something going on within Cloud 9, be rest assured that someone in the Hexagon knows about it!

And guess what? The room is actually shaped like a Hexagon Š hence the name “The Hexagon!”

What happens there?

Dwayne is in the middle of a chat session here on the Tribe Ultimate Bulletin Board.


  • New fans are entered into an electronic database and then a special welcome email is sent to each new member.
  • Emails are checked and replied to daily. As you can imagine, there are thousands coming in at all times of the day and night due to the time difference.
  • Mail is sorted into different Tribe Cast sections. In between filming they come into the Hexagon to answer personally. Otherwise if they are general questions then the fanclub staff answer it.
  • When the cast are not in production, and consequently not at the Studio, they prepare a personal reply for all fan mail that comes in for them.
  • Merchandise orders are processed and then packed and dispatched.
  • Website

  • is updated on a daily basis, with different sections being processed at different times of the week.
  • Fan Club Web Competitions are drawn and winners `goodies` sent out.
  • UBB checked and monitored daily.
  • Supervise Live Chat sessions with Tribe Cast.
  • Conduct Research on upcoming articles.
  • Still photos scanned for appropriate articles.
  • Damon is checking his UBB chat session.


  • Photos from the previous days filming are developed and sorted into scene order.
  • Still photos from the most recent filming are sorted into episode order or separate folders for special promotions or performances.
  • Photos are scanned for promotional purposes and for use on the website.
  • Merchandise

  • Orders are received from fans either by fax/email/letter,
  • Items are inputted into a database for stocktake purposes.
  • Goods are packed up and delivered.
  • Broadcast Tapes

  • Orders are received through Cumulus Distribution, who has Worldwide Distribution Licensing Rights for Cloud 9 shows.
  • Broadcast tapes are dubbed in the requested format (Digibeta/Beta SP/VHS (PAL/NTSC) 4×3/16×9/letterbox) As you can see there is a lot of choice here!
  • Included in these packages are Transmission scripts which are copied out for every episode (26 x 48 minute or 52 x 26 minute episodes)
  • Cloud 9 Children`s Foundation

  • The Official Charity of the Hurricanes Super 12 Rugby Team for 2001
  • Aspires to raise funds to help research and develop a support infrastructure for children diagnosed with Asperger`s Syndrome.
  • Organize functions, Charity Events, Friends of the Foundation evenings,
  • Inquiries from families or parents with children affected by Aspergers Syndrome
  • Conduct Research of Aspergers Syndrome
  • Arrange distribution of Charity theme anthem “Every step of the way”.
  • What are the people like who work in The Hexagon?

    There is a large team of workers in the Hexagon, dealing with different areas ranging from Web admin, graphic designers, Fan Club Assistants, Internet Coordinators, Special Projects Coordinators, Programme Traffic Coordinators.

    So as you can see, it`s not a place where the `weird Tribe` hang out, but a charming office space with a busy atmosphere where something is always on the go!