The Tribe in a museum: Pataka Exhibition

Over the last few months there has been a special exhibition at Pataka Museum featuring a lot of work from Cloud 9 and ultimately The Tribe. It is primarily showing items and exhibits from all the major locations used for filming in the Porirua and surrounding areas. Of course this includes a lot of the Tribe and several other Cloud 9 titles.

One of the most memorable locations and scenes filmed in that area was when Amber, Lex, and Bob were coming ashore from searching for the ‘Hope Island’ location.

Saturday 19th May saw a fantastic Tribe dress-up competition held at the Pataka Museum in Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand.

There were a huge number of people present and an ultimate chance for a Tribe dress-up contestant to win a part on Tribe IV as an extra for a day.

Here is a selection of the competition entries!

Adjudicator for the day was a member of Cloud 9’s ‘Hexagon’ fan club staff, who thought the costumes were fantastic. The children had gone to a lot of effort creating their costumes, some as part of their holiday programme, and there were more there who were dressed up than had even entered the actual competition. The major prize winner was awesome with belts and other accessories made of bottle tabs, a very Tribal style, and she had a definite Tribe look with her ‘Amber’ styled hair.

Winner is second from the right. Congratulations Amy Carter from Plimmerton School! You are to be an extra for a day in Tribe IV.

So thanks to Pataka for creating such a professional and successful exhibition incorporating The Tribe. There have been many favourable reports on how brilliant it is and hosting the Tribe dress-up day helped the children ‘keep their dream alive’ by being able to show their Tribal style.