Tribe 4 Episode 2

AMBER is having a difficult labour. TRUDY is determined to get AMBER through this. With or without BRAY.

The Mall Rats have become disheartened. PRIDE has seen kids being loaded into trucks. The Mall Rats wonder if this has been the fate of the missing Mall Rats.

LEX wants action, but EBONY first wants to male something quite clear. She’s still the boss.

ELLIE swears she does not need a man in her life, especially after LUKE taking off. However she is glad to have JACK around again.

EBONY rallies everyone up to head the TEchno’s Headquarters. The fight is going to the enemy! EBONY may lie and cheat, but she sure has nerve, thinks PRIDE.

Fear grips TRUDY when she finds BRAY’s leather necklace with AMBER’S ring.

JAY and VED watch as the Mall Rats approach the Techno HQ. JAY warns VED not to lose his cool.

DEE alerts EBONY to VED. Watch out because this particular Techno has a very short fuse.

SALENE arrives home to the empty Mall bringing back some extra baggage. Where is everyone?

JAY tries to assure the Mall Rats that the Technos aren’t here to harm anyone. LEX and VED get into a heated argument. LEX suffers the consequence of VED’s temper.

AMBER tells TRUDY of a masked TEchno. Did he have something to do with BRAY’S disappearance? Will either return?

The Mall Rats return home with an injured LEX. CLOE is overjoyed to see SALENE has returned. But who do these new kids belong to?

JACK is impressed with the Techno devices. He is convinced that these new kids on the block are more powerful and threatening than the Chosen and the Locos put together.

The Technos’ leader arrives in the city with two masked beauties.