Tribe 4 Episode 24

The market traders try to boss DEE around while LEX is absent. But DEE soon shows them she is in charge.

MOUSE has a tumble. Super SALENE to the rescue.

EBONY broods about her lost love.

SALENE gets a green light from AMBER.

DEE’s attempt at rousing the Mall Rats to rescue LEX falls on deaf ears.

EBONY gets help from an unlikely source to bide time from RAM.

JAY gets curious about VED’s software program. They enter the virtual world. JAY gets a shock when he sees AMBER there – serving drinks.

VED introduces CLOE to a new game on the mall roof.

MOUSE rummages through CLOE’s wardrobe. CLOE has a fan.

JAY and AMBER discuss what he saw in the virtual world. They conclude that RAM must have a digital image of AMBER stored in the computers.

LEX prepares to enter the new Techno program.

EBONY learns that JAY has been paying visits to AMBER. She fumes.

Sheriff LEX finds himself in the streets of the Wild West. Does he feel safe?

MOUSE and SAMMY join CLOE on the rood for a game of ‘Virt Cert’. DEE is horrified at CLOE for setting a bad example. CLOE couldn’t care less.

Two Wild West GUNSLINGERS give LEX a beating.