Tribe 5 – Episode 16

AMBER wakes from a nightmare in which MEGA takes BABY BRAY. The Mall Rats watch a City Net broadcast of more propoganda of EBONY’s ambushes, designed to turn the city against her and the Zootists. AMBER is aware of MEGA’s manipulation techniques.

AMBER explains to TRUDY that she is being prevented from leaving the safety zone.
It looks like she must accept MEGA’s offer.

At the zoo, a Zootist Lieutenant warns EBONY that MEGA is placing a high price on her head. EBONY argues that the reward is not enough and vows to hit MEGA where it really hurts. JAVA pleads with EBONY. She will do anything to be let out of her cage. ‘Tough cheese’ is the gist of EBONY’s reply.

GEL gets confused when JACK talks of MEGA’s ‘bugs’ in the building and automatically decides to delouse herself. Later, after expelling most of the bugs ELLIE and JACK decide to leave one bug untouched and control what they want MEGA to hear, thus leading him up the garden path.

JAY approaches MEGA at the Barricade and says he wants out of all of this. He accuses MEGA of using the Mall Rats.

While RUBY and SIVA ladle out soup for the refugees, DARRYL is distributing fliers and trying to drum up business for the new ‘Virtual Casino’ which LEX is planning to base in the Saloon.

The idea behind the Virtual Casino is that punters will don Paradise helmets in the Saloon. They will be ‘transported’ to a Virtual Casino where they will gamble for very real profits. Winners will be able to cash in electronically monitored chips for prizes back in the Saloon.

Upon coming across LEX and RAM test driving the Paradise helmets, RUBY is none too impressed. However, after some persuasion, agrees to give LEX, RAM and DARRYL a chance to operate the casino as it is for entertainment purposes.

JACK disconnects MEGA’s surveillance cameras in the Mall, while MEGA watches on from the Operations Room.

MEGA wonders how on earth he is finding them and considers that JACK would be an asset to his team. AMBER enters and agrees to be a figurehead and to give the occasional speech(she has no choice given MEGA’s earlier threat against Baby Bray).

Alone outside the safety zone, SALENE is living rough. Her wound, received from a glass cut, is turning ugly. She asks for help from some street kids. On finding out she is a Mall Rat she is beaten up. After the incident, MAY comes to SALENE’s rescue.

EBONY and her Zootists are causing chaos in the city, blowing up electricity transmittors. MEGA decides that enough is enough and it is time to take her out.

Mega explodes his way into the zoo and frees JAVA. Later EBONY surveys the damage. SLADE approaches and gives her a warning; the Technos are armed while EBONY’s zootists are not.

It’s opening time at the Casino and RAM quickly vacates the Saloon as otherwise it is likely that he would be recognised by the refugees. Once they have entered the Virtual Casino, LEX makes the offer to SIVA and then RUBY as to whether they want to come in on the business.

AMBER tells TRUDY and JAY together that she has agreed to MEGA’s job offer of President. JAY is annoyed with AMBER giving in so easily. On hearing about MEGA’s threat of BABY BRAY, JAY has had enough and decides to act against MEGA. JAY storms the hotel and threatens MEGA, but he is zapped by two of MEGA’s guards. He lies totally still.

TRUDY wakes AMBER early and is concerned because JAY never made it back last night. She decides to go to hotel in search for him. At the hotel, she asks to see JAY but is scanned and turned away.

SALENE wakes in an old railway carriage. MAY is with her and decides to go and look for some scraps of food.

JAY, still alive but now a captive, is subjected to torturous virtual reality experiences by MEGA’s men. After this MEGA gives him the option to join him but he manages to hold out and stubbornly refuses to be in league with him.

TRUDY tells AMBER of being turned away at the hotel while searching for JAY. MEGA visits and attempts to justify the reasons why he has taken JAY captive -“He tried to kill me.” MEGA is rattled by AMBER and TRUDY’s hostility.

On City Net, the Mall Rats watch the return of JAVA under the premise that she had been working as a Techno agent within Zootist territory.

In the operations room, JAVA has watched the telecast and is not overly satisfied. She is still sour from being abandoned at the zoo. JAVA is concerned by MEGA’s appointment of AMBER as president. She makes it quite clear that, as far as she’s concerned, power in the city is a 50-50 arrangement between MEGA and herself.

At the school, EBONY’s zootists set up 360 degree surveillance cameras for security purposes. SLADE comes upon EBONY and expresses that he is glad to see her taking precautions. SLADE reiterates his earlier sentiments – she should get out of there as her Zootists will be no match for the armed Technos. He is saying this because he cares about her. His efforts to get up close and personal are thwarted by EBONY pointing her zapper at him. He leaves leaving EBONY confused.

MAY tries getting anti-biotics for SALENE from a barman at the original Casino. Once again, she sees the sleazy trader who has what she wants. She has what he wants too- it’s what he calls a fair trade. SALENE needs those pills desperately, MAY is prepared to make the sacrifice just this once.

In order to persuade SIVA that the casino idea is a good one, LEX fixes it so that SIVA wins. She is given a choice of jewellery and other refugees belongings from a trunk as a prize. She refuses the offer. RUBY decides she wants half the proceeds from the casino – after all she is the proprietor of the establishment.

In the school, EBONY addresses her Zootists and outlines a plan of action for destroying the Technos in the event of the anticipated attack.

JAY continues to be subjected to Virtual Reality horrors while Techno Assistant nonchalantly reads a comic.
MAY has got the antibiotics and gives them to SALENE. JAVA’s stormtroopers are seen moving briskly past.
LEX sorts out the pile of valuables gambled by the Refugees. He gives Darryl a share and sorts out a pile for RUBY which certainly is not 50%.

JACK and ELLIE stage an argument for the camera; JACK acts out as being supportive of MEGA. MEGA watches on CCTV from the Operations Room. On another monitor he watches a Techno threaten JAY with another dose of Virtual Reality. JAY submits and says he will do anything MEGA wants. JAY is dragged outside but then miraculously manages to escape.

EBONY is awoken by a Zootist Captain. He tells her that invading Technos have been captured. EBONY is lured into the school theatre where JAVA reveals herself – ” You should have finished me off when you had the chance.”

It looks like curtains for EBONY, her executor JAVA stands in waiting. Then SLADE comes to the rescue. SLADE rides in and deals to some of the Techno’s while EBONY tackles the rest of them. JAVA’s troupe aren’t quick enough and the duo flee. Heroic SLADE has impressed EBONY.