Tribe Collectables: Tribe Gathering Commemorative DVD

Disc of Tribe Commemorative DVDA bumper pack limited edition DVD only available direct from (orders can be made at the bottom of this page) including:-

  • Abe Messiah music video
  • This Is the Place music video
  • You Belong To Me Gathering music video
  • The Tribe trailer
  • Studio Tour Behind the Scenes extended version (with a commentary by Raymond Thompson)
  • ‘One Scene At A Time’ featurette about filming the behind the scenes of a scene in Tribe Series 4
  • Interview with Nick Miller (PRIDE)
  • Six Fly on the Wall extended video diary featurettes from Tribe Tours (including never before seen footage of interviews and a close up look at The Tribe cast at work and play during the Tribe Tour).
  • Cast panel question and answer sessions from DragonCon
  • Never before seen footage of the first time ever The Tribe cast were filmed in character and costume
  • Cast and crew spoof Tribe video
Price in New Zealand Dollars: (20.00 NZD).

Approximate duration 100 minutes now 117 minutes!

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