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Tribe Collectables: Tribe Gathering Commemorative DVD

Disc of Tribe Commemorative DVDA bumper pack limited edition, region free DVD only available direct from (orders can be made at the bottom of this page) including:-

  • Abe Messiah music video
  • This Is the Place music video
  • You Belong To Me Gathering music video
  • The Tribe trailer
  • Studio Tour Behind the Scenes extended version (with a commentary by Raymond Thompson)
  • ‘One Scene At A Time’ featurette about filming the behind the scenes of a scene in Tribe Series 4
  • Interview with Nick Miller (PRIDE)
  • Six Fly on the Wall extended video diary featurettes from Tribe Tours (including never before seen footage of interviews and a close up look at The Tribe cast at work and play during the Tribe Tour).
  • Cast panel question and answer sessions from DragonCon
  • Never before seen footage of the first time ever The Tribe cast were filmed in character and costume
  • Cast and crew spoof Tribe video

Limited stock! Buy now before it’s gone!

Price in New Zealand Dollars: (20.00 NZD).

Approximate duration 100 minutes now 117 minutes!