Series 1

Tribe Series 1 EPISODE 14

CLOE is lost in the storm as night comes in…

PATSY and PAUL are very upset for CLOE. They’re afraid the LOCUSTS will get her – with good reason.

TRUDY complains that the BABY will not settle unless BRAY is around… He agrees to stay – but sleeps in a chair by the BABY’s basket. Not what TRUDY had in mind!

When morning dawns “Operation Stupid Kid” is organised by LEX. JACK and DAL are too busy working on a water filtration system to go. BRAY wants to search the woods – but LEX insists that CLOE will be found in the city.

Back in the Mall, SALENE has found out where BRAY spent the night – and she’s not happy.

Little CLOE watches, terrified, as the LOCOS comb the woods, still looking for their lost leader ZOOT.

The search party returns empty-handed. LEX, as Head of Security, is adamant there will not be a second attempt – what if someone followed them back to the Mall?

ZANDRA explains men to SALENE – they’re all the same, apparently. LEX supports her argument by giving SALENE a soothing backrub, with strings attached. ZANDRA’s furious!

The water purification system works. Let’s drink to our technological wizards!

BRAY won’t meet TRUDY’s eye; ZANDRA won’t talk to LEX; SALENE’s sulking with everyone; business as usual in the Mall, as …

CLOE wakes to a new day – and stumbles straight into the path of two drunken LOCOS.