Tribe Series 3 – Currently at Cloud 9 Studios?

Tribe Cast

Filming finished a couple of weeks ago and the cast are having a well earned break. In the last week they were here, there were some Xmas celebrations, special lunches, and a fantastic Tribe Xmas photoshoot!

Post Production

The Post Production Crew are still a few weeks away from finishing up with Tribe III. There are several different Editing areas that have to be brought together for a final mix, which the Executive Producer checks and locks off so it can be dubbed to a master tape and then distributed by Cumulus Distribution (an arm of Cloud 9) to the Broadcasters.

For a more in depth look at the technicalities of Post Production click right here


Of course with a new Series – (Atlantis High) coming up there is a lot of preparation involved, including finding/auditioning appropriate cast members, arranging locations, finding a new Crew team, just to name a few.

Art Department

They are busy designing and building new sets and rooms for the Atlantis High Series. The Cloud 9 studios still have the Mall as the main set from the Tribe which will be staying there for Series IV in planning for 2001.

Fan Club

There is still the Tribe Fan Club that is solely dedicated to all of you Tribe fans out there. There are constant merchandise orders which get sent out from Cloud 9 NZ, a huge amount of emails daily to be answered, fan mail to sort, and of course the `Internet Crew` who even from remote locations at this time of year can update and maintain the website!

Programme Traffic

Broadcasters orders are made through Cloud 9 UK and then they are passed on to Cloud 9 NZ where they are dubbed into the correct format for the country concerned, arranged with the correct documentation including Scripts (which can then be used for dubbing in an appropriate language for which ever country it is showing in) and Slides (for promotional material).

Countries showing or about to show the Tribe include England, US, Canada, Finland, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Israel, Portugal, Africa, Singapore and of course New Zealand.

2001 – What you will find on the Location Pages

Look out for a new series of location flashbacks, where you will be able to find out about the different elements involved behind the scenes of Tribe filming.

You will see special photos of crew activities, locations, hear from those involved in stunt work for the Tribe, make-up department, animal wranglers, and learn about the special effects and tricks involved in the making of the Tribe.