Tribe Series 4 Location Report – Week Eight

The Tribe chat session last week on the BB was with Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu – CLOE. She chatted to fans from all over the world for an hour on Wednesday which was a huge success. Afterwards she answered fan mail, talked on the phone to a lucky fan who won a phone call, signed some photos and answered some interview questions.

More exclusive photos!

PHOTO 1 – Antonia Prebble – TRUDY in a trashed car

The scenes

105 scenes were shot this week and this totalled over 84 minutes of shooting time. Both units were working for 4 days with the Main unit working alone on Tuesday. So it was an extremely busy week for both cast and crew.

There are several main cast who are working solidly for the two weeks of their school holidays. Beth Allen and Antonia Prebble do the majority of their scenes in one block to coincide with their school holidays. This shows that filming does not take place in order. Another example of filming schedules is when filming on location. Lots of shots from different blocks are shot at once to make full use of the locations availability. It is then put together at later date in the editing phase.

The locations

Filming took place on location for one day this week at the Old Soil Research Bureau. The rest of the week the crew were working at the Cloud 9 studios. Sets used were Hotel suites, Prides Room, Ambers room, the Mall Cafe and some exterior filming showing the exit to the Hotel.

Some extras this week included Militia, Technos and Commanders. But mostly the scenes featured main cast only.

PHOTO 2 – Rehearsing a fight scene in a bush location

Make a start!

The earliest Crew Call was 7am on Friday. While the crew are ready to start filming at this time, the make-up, unit, and wardrobe departments are up much earlier. For this day they had to be ready at 0540!

The earliest call for our cast was 5.20am for Beth Allen – AMBER where she had a 0605 Wardrobe call, and the lucky cast member with the latest pick up this week was 2.40pm for Meryl Cassie – EBONY.

The weather

The weather this week was warm and almost summery!!!

Here’s the record of the weather in week 8 of the production:

Monday 1st October
Gusty northwest conditions. It should be dry most of the time.

Tuesday 2nd October
Cloud and fine spells. Gusty northerlies. Perhaps some drizzle morning and night.

Wednesday 3rd October
Some morning cloud then fine and sunny. Lighter northerlies.

Thursday 4th October
Some morning cloud then fine and sunny. Lighter northerlies.

Friday 5th October
Cloud increasing but remaining dry. Northerlies again.

See you all next week where you can find out more of the latest filming details and happenings of Tribe IV!

PHOTO 3 – Nick Miller and Tori Spence talk to the crew between scenes.

See you again next week…

Stay Tribal!

Keep the Dream Alive…