Tribe Series 4 Location Report – Week Six

There were again several chat sessions held in the Hexagon last week. We had Nick Miller – PRIDE on Tribeworld chat on Thursday and Victoria Spence – (ANTONY/ANTONIA – Atlantis High, SALENE – The Tribe) on the Atlantis High chat on Monday. These chat sessions had hundreds of fans from all over the world jumping into the chatroom to chat to these cast members.

More exclusive photos!

PHOTO 1 – Opera House lane – filming of the Tribe.

The scenes

97 scenes were shot this week and this totalled over 80 minutes of shooting time. It was very busy for both units who were filming for four days simultaneously and one day with the Main unit operating.

Several fight scenes took place which required some training for the cast to ensure they performed all moves safetly. There is a specialist Stunt Co-ordinator assigned for training and sometimes stunt doubles. He trains the cast by teaching them set moves, falls, actions and motions so that they can perform the scenes realistically and without injury.

The locations

Filming took place at the Cloud 9 studios aswell as the Wellington inner city location of the Opera House Lane, the Wrights Hill fortress on the hills overlooking the sea in Wellington (which features a lot of gun and battle placements), and the Haywards Hill substation located about 20 mintues out of Wellington.

Extras used this week included Technos, Various Tribes, Traders, Mozzies, and several stunt Drivers and Thieves.

Make a start!

The earliest Crew Call was 5.45am for a pre-dress call on the location day in Wellington Opera House Lane.

The earliest call for our cast was 5.25am for Victoria Spence – SALENE and the lucky cast member with the latest pick up this week was also Victoria with a 9.40am pickup on Friday.

PHOTO 2 – Another photo showing the trashed state of the Tribal streets

The weather

The weather this week was warm but windy.

Here’s the record of the weather in week 6 of the production:

Monday 17th September
Dry with strengthening northwesterlies.

Tuesday 18th September
Cloud and a few early showers then clearing. Southwest winds tending northerly.

Wednesday 19th September
Mainly fine with northerlies strengthening.

Thursday 20th September
Fine with gusty northerlies.

Friday 21st September
A late southwest change with brief showers.

See you all next week where you can find out more of the latest filming details and happenings of Tribe IV!

PHOTO 3 – Gorgeous reflection from the previous weeks DAY/NIGHT shoot out by the pool at the Cloud 9 Studios.

See you again next week…

Stay Tribal!

Keep the Dream Alive…