Tribemaster Message # 114 – Is Jack a hottie?


Tribemaster has been following the affections of the Mallrats recently and although Gel likes the thought of Lex, she seems to be much more interested in Jack. Tribemaster knows Gel won’t get what she wants that easy – Ellie is sure to stand in her way.

Jack and Ellie have been together a long time and Tribemaster wonders why their relationship hasn’t moved to the next level. Most couples in Tribeworld progress pretty fast but Jack and Ellie have always taken things slowly and carefully. Tribemaster thinks that Jack might try and pull the wool over Ellie’s eyes – have they really gone that far? Tribemaster thinks not….

So… Slade visits Ebony – Slade is such a mystery person that Tribemaster can’t get it’s head around it. Slade must have alterior motives but Tribemaster doesn’t have the foggiest idea what they are… Will Slade help Ebony or will he push her farther and farther into her virtual world?

Tribemaster will check in again soon.

Stay tribal…




Nobody knows the real identity of “Tribemaster” but one thing`s for sure – “it” lives in Sector 9 of the city and sends updates, gossip and information from Tribeworld, and we are publishing “its” messages here on the Official Tribe website.

On occasion, you might even be able to talk or find some messages from Tribemaster on the bulletin board. If it is safe to do so, Tribemaster will do its best to answer any questions – and who knows, one day the revelation might even be given to the question that is now being asked around the world – what is Tribemaster? Who is Tribemaster?