Tribemaster Message # 169 – Tribemaster returns…


There has been much talk lately of Tribemaster so Tribemaster has decided to renew contact with the outside world.

Tribemaster finds it funny to see Tribe Fans still wondering about who the mysterious Tribemaster could be. The most recent guesses have been President Bush, Vin Diesel, Mod 1, and even speculation that Tribemaster has been seen at Tesco’s.

Tribemaster is still as mysterious as ever. One has to wonder if the truth will ever be known.

Tribemaster is still wandering around Tribeworld and such places as to keep contact with the Mallrats. Tribemaster has heard that it is possible that some Tribe 6 scripts may be included on some of the upcoming DVD releases. This could be speculation but Tribemaster knows it is being considered.

There will also be news soon of a birth. Can you guess who is having a baby?

So…. the story hasn’t ended and Tribemaster cannot yet give Tribemaster’s identity away. There is so much more as you look into the future…

Tribemaster will be in touch again soon.

Stay tribal…


Nobody knows the real identity of “Tribemaster” but one thing`s for sure – “it” lives in Sector 9 of the city and sends updates, gossip and information from Tribeworld, and we are publishing “its” messages here on the Official Tribe website.

On occasion, you might even be able to talk or find some messages from Tribemaster on the bulletin board. If it is safe to do so, Tribemaster will do its best to answer any questions – and who knows, one day the revelation might even be given to the question that is now being asked around the world – what is Tribemaster? Who is Tribemaster?