Tribemaster Message # 41- Tribemaster and Braids

We have been sent a latest message from Tribemaster…

Tribemaster has been kept very busy watching what has been happening in the streets of the city. Strange things have been happening now for quite some time and Tribemaster does not know whether to be happy or concerned.

Tribemaster has noticed, for the first time since the adults have gone, that a kids are organising Halloween celebrations. There are pumpkins being carved and costumes being made. Tribemaster thinks that everybody wants to keep the spirits happy.

It has been said that spirits have been wandering through the streets of the city and some say that they have seen the ghosts of Zandra and Dal trying to get in touch with the Mall Rats.

Perhaps they are concerned over the way that things have been going since the newest tribe have arrived? Perhaps they are trying to warn the Mall Rats about something?

Tribemaster does not know what these ghosts might be wanting to let people know but Tribemaster does know that the streets have been very spooky lately and Tribemaster would not be at all surprised if there are ghosts around.

Tribemaster has seen some weird things happening and thinks that perhaps it is a good idea for the city people to try to keep the spirits happy before things get even weirder. There is an ominous feeling in the air and Tribemaster thinks perhaps something is going to happen.

Tribemaster has a terrible feeling that things are going to get out of control. Tribemaster thinks that maybe the ghosts will get angry.

Tribemaster will have to fade in to the background more than ever now so that Tribemaster can watch what is happening and see if these ghosts are what they seem.

Until next time

Keep the dream alive,


Nobody knows the real identity of “Tribemaster” but one thing’ s for sure – “it” lives in Sector 9 of the city and sends updates, gossip and information from Tribeworld, and we are publishing “its” messages here on the Official Tribe website.

On occasion, you might even be able to talk or find some messages from Tribemaster on the bulletin board. If it is safe to do so, Tribemaster will do its best to answer any questions – and who knows, one day the revelation might even be given to the question that is now being asked around the world – what is Tribemaster? Who is Tribemaster?