Tribemaster Message #5


We have been sent a latest message from Tribemaster…

“Latest about ‘the rumour’… read on…”

Tribemaster here. I’ve found out some more news and info about the rumour that appeared in my message previous to this one – and I am going to share it with you.

I have my contacts throughout the city and one of them has found out some more about this former Mall Rat who has been sighted.

Well, this Mall Rat was loved and respected by the other Mall Rats – we know that from last time.

But we now know more info – firstly that this former Mall Rat has been living in the Southern Provinces. These are an area in the suburbs in the south of the city (hence the name Southern Provinces). The former Mall Rat has been living with another Tribe in this area and seems happy with a new direction in life.

Even more info – we know that one of the members of the Southern Provinces tribe is called “Panther”. Panther led the Tribe in the Southern Provinces and welcomed the former Mall Rat into joining them. It is said that Panther and the former Mall Rat are very close and respect each other.

I trust my contacts and am sure that this information about the “rumour” must be true.

After all who you know can be as important as what you know – and my contact has never been wrong before.

Again, I’ll try to find out some more information about this. After all it’s not every day you hear about a former and prominent Mall Rat being seen with another Tribe – and especially this mysterious Panther person.

I know many of you are interested in this – and as soon as I can get more info about this story then you know where to check it out.

If you have any news yourself about this “rumour” then why not post it in the “Tribemaster” part of Tribe Talk that the kind Tribeworld people have set up for me.

Until then, keep the dream alive


Nobody knows the real identity of “Tribemaster” but one thing’ s for sure – “it” lives in Sector 9 of the city and sends updates, gossip and information from Tribeworld, and we are publishing “its” messages here on the Official Tribe website.

On occasion, you might even be able to talk or find some messages from Tribemaster on the bulletin board. If it is safe to do so, Tribemaster will do its best to answer any questions – and who knows, one day the revelation might even be given to the question that is now being asked around the world – what is Tribemaster? Who is Tribemaster?