Tribemaster Message # 57 – Tribemaster is remembering more

Chatmaster here again,

Tribemaster is recovering well. Tribemaster has been able to tell Chatmaster more about where Tribemaster was and what happened.

Tribemaster says that it was in a room surrounded by others. No one talked and it was deadly silent. There were computers everywhere – Tribemaster has never seen such technology.

Tribemaster talks as though it was all a dream and some things don’t seem to fit – it is all blurred.

Tribemaster says Tribemaster saw Amber and thinks it may have seen Bray. But Tribemaster is unclear whether Tribemaster was dreaming or if it was real. Amber was in a chamber next to Tribemaster but Tribemaster couldn’t talk to her.

Chatmaster hopes to have Tribemaster back to normal soon. Tribemaster is definitely getting better and Chatmaster hopes for the best.

Keep the dream alive,


Nobody knows the real identity of “Tribemaster” but one thing’ s for sure – “it” lives in Sector 9 of the city and sends updates, gossip and information from Tribeworld, and we are publishing “its” messages here on the Official Tribe website.

On occasion, you might even be able to talk or find some messages from Tribemaster on the bulletin board. If it is safe to do so, Tribemaster will do its best to answer any questions – and who knows, one day the revelation might even be given to the question that is now being asked around the world – what is Tribemaster? Who is Tribemaster?