Tribestyle: How will Series 5 end?

Everyone’s sitting on the edge of their seats wondering how Series 5 might end. Well we’ve got some ideas that could be possible – whether you think they are or not is up to you…

Trudy is furious over being betrayed by Amber and Jay – in fact she is livid. No one should play her for a fool! She’s getting friendlier with Mega who has taken her in and perhaps he could help her out. Amber and Jay in virtual reality forever!!

Ruby wants to have Slade’s baby but Slade seems to want Ebony. Ebony and Ruby both say they’re pregnant to Slade – should he believe them or should he leave them both? These two girls are major enemies and there’s going to be some flying fur in their catfights.

Alice and K.C have escaped the Techno’s. They’ve been living in an elite city created by the Techno’s to breed a new generation. An “elite” populus. But being forced to create a uniform society and create a few more generations isn’t what they want. They’re heading back to the city in search of the Mallrats – if they’re still there.

The Guardian has not disappeared altogether. Mega has found his file in the VR system. The Guardian is brought back to life in the laboratory and he will finally meet with Zoot in VR. Power and Chaos is re-born.

Amber, Trudy and Jay are one big love triangle. But could talking about the past bring up something for the future? Jay and Amber have a lot in common – almost too much in common. Could they be related? It seems that distant cousins have got a little too close. Throw another spanner in the works with Jay’s ex girlfriend – it’s been a long long time since they’ve seen each other – will Jay be torn in between more females and a fatal attraction?

Slade finds out his brother is in town. But he’s no longer the sweet sibling he used to be. Slade would do anything for his brother, even if it meant betraying everyone else. Slade is caught between family and friends – which will he choose?

The city is hit by a major earthquake and all buildings and structures are turned to rubble, including the Mall. The Mallrats must leave their home… possibly forever.