Tribestyle: Tai San The Supreme Mother’s Costume

Over the next few weeks we are profiling a few of the costumes used throughout the series’. From the way they’re made to why they were designed the way they were. This week is The Supreme Mother’s costume. Click any of the costume pictures for a larger view.

Taisan’s spiritualistic approach to life ensured she was never really afraid of anything. She had a herbal remedy for every sickness and problem (even to the point of finding the antidote for the virus), and seemed to have an answer for everything.

She was a very calm character and classy character also. Her outfits have always been colourful and stylish and have changed many times through the four season’s she was in the show. Her hair has been seen in many different styles, both short and long and it has taken many tubs of hairwax to create these intricate styles.

She has loved and married Lex and their chemistry has really been around Tribeworld since the first series!

In Series 3 Taisan decided that the best way to get to the Guardian was to be-friend him and be close to him. She took on the role of the Supreme Mother…

This purple bodice top looks fantastic under the rest of the costume. It is made of a bright purple satin. At the front it has been gathered together and the actual vertical stripes are the purple satin sewn tightly over strips of round draw cord. There are 15 on each side. There is no boning in this top but the draw cord sewn at the front gives it a nice shape.

In the middle of the top are 7 eyelets on each side and they are done up with black cotton ribbon.

Around the edge there is black satin piping and the same black satin has been used to create the cross over straps. The way they are positioned, they sit far out on the shoulder and cannot be seen under the costume jacket.

Over her top she wears this fabulous jacket. It is made of patterned satin and is a bright red in colour. The jacket is nicely fitted and has long sleeves which are cut on a slant. The cuffs are trimmed in purple satin piping and have a slit on the inside seam.

The shoulders of the jacket are round in shape and are also edged in the purple piping. Each side has a thin purple strips sewn in semi circles over each shoulder. These match perfectly the shoulder’s on the Guardian’s jacket and of course the purple satin is the same.

The front of the jacket is cut in two triangles on either side which gives a very low neckline. The front pieces start at teh shoulder and end at the waist. The two pieces are brough together in the middle and are joined by four domes. A large silver sign sits in the middle which also matches the shape that the Guardian wears on his forehead and as a buckle on his belt.

The collar of the jacket is worn straight up and also has the purple piping edges.

The back of the jacket carries down into a point that ends up just below the bum. And the semi circular pattern of the shoulder’s comes right over to the back of the arms.

Attached to the inside of the jacket is a tail. With plain red satin on the outside it has the pattered satin on the inside facing the front. It is attached with domes at the waist and falls down to the calves and is square cut at the bottom.

Underneath Taisan wears tight black leggings and tall boots. But around her waist she wears this chiffon overskirt. It has a large purple waist band and has three domes on either side at the front. The skirt is actually a front piece and a back piece and they do not join.

The front is shorter than the back and around the bottom the same red pattered satin is sewn as a large trim with purple piping on the top edge.

The back is longer and a little wider but is the same shape and colour. The chiffon is very shimmery and is two toned – looking a little purple one way and a gold colour the other way.

I’m not entirely sure these are the right boots but they are definitely similar. They have a large sole and lace right up the leg to the knee.

Another Tribe Style coming soon…