Virtual Reality in The Tribe – Part 3

Last week we looked at the world of virtual reality. This week we take a closer look at the way that this could effect people in real life and in the world of The Tribe.

Climbing trees, reading books, telling stories, playing outside in the fresh air. These are all activities that could fall by the wayside if RAM’s VR dream continues to spiral.


It is obviously healthy for children to be out in the open air and to exercise their imagination by making up games with their playmates. These games are often test runs for the type of career that might be suitable for the child when they grow up and these games are also a good learning experience for children to find out about what is the right thing or the wrong thing to do in a situation.

Most of us today are computer literate. A lot if us have access to games consoles. Many of us spend hours in front of games or talking to friends via e-mail and message services.


Well, there are good things and bad things about spending so much time with technology.

There are physical problems that can occur from clicking the mouse or from continually using our fingers to press the controls or keypads.

Things like headaches, depression, neurological damage and RSI (repetitive strain injury) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (severe nerve damage due to the repetition in the use of the hand) can effect people who use computers or games consoles too much.

Addiction is also a real problem. Many people can’t get through their day without logging on or mastering a game.

Lots of people lie to their friends and family about the amount of time that they spend at these activities.

Some people forget to wash or to eat because they are so involved in their computer life and want to spend every available second doing what they enjoy most.

Apart from these physical symptoms, people also get so used to the instant gratification and euphoria that goes hand in hand with the resources available to us today.

Social skills can also be affected as people grow so used to being able to have an invisible relationship with Internet buddies or get so involved in surfing the net or playing games that they do not need the company of anyone else.


RAM certainly has some problems! He is obsessed with germs and although he takes every precaution that he can, he still becomes ill and seems to suffer from headaches and other such problems. Perhaps this is because he spends his time engrossed in his virtual world? He rarely ventures outdoors and as a result his immune system is painfully low.

PRIDE has had some problems with the virtual technology. He is becoming more and more addicted to playing the Game and his whole perception of the real world as well as his personality is suffering badly.

MAY seems to have undergone a personality change too. This could be due to some trauma that she suffered at the hands of the Technos or as a result of living in the virtual world for quite some time. It seems that she herself is addicted to the Game even though her health was playing up when she first came out of the Game.

Even little MOUSE has become obsessed with getting tokens so that she can get herself some time in the Game.


There are some good things about the Game and about the way that we use technology in our world.

Computers and games are a good source for those who find it difficult to make friends as they can instigate friendships without having to actually meet people.

Coordination skills can be improved through the use of keyboards and games controls.

Learning can be much more fun and accessible to people who are able to use the Internet.

Communication all around the world can be easier through instant message services and e-mail.

It seems that the age old phrase is true in this case

“Moderation in all things”.


Ram seems to be content with the way that his Game is being played and does not appear to have thought of the consequences.

Addiction, dependency, fighting between the colour groups within the world of the Tribe, illness, bad eyesight. All of these problems could make life even harder than it had been before the Technos came along.

This might come as a surprise for RAM … or could it all be part of his plan?


And remember, if you are spending too much time in front of your computer or are addicted to your own games, get some help and take some time out to enjoy the whisper of the wind.

It is also vitally important that you do not give any personal details to people that you meet via the Internet and never, ever go to meet these people face to face without your parents knowing about it and friends to go along with you.