Virtual Reality in The Tribe

Existing in mind, often as a product of the imagination, Virtual Reality has turned from Science Fiction to science fact.

When chatting in a chatroom on the internet you are partaking in “virtual conversation”.

Virtual Reality is when a computer generates visual effects, sound effects and other human senses to the user of a world within a computer. The user is able to interact in this world and manipulate or move objects within it.

There are other terms for virtual reality including cyberspace, artificial reality and synthetic environments.

What sort of Virtual Reality do the Techno’s use?

The VR system that the Techno’s use is a type of total immersion into the virtual world. These types of VR are often used with a helmet or face mask that presents the visual and sound effects to the user.

All they do is type a few commands into the computer and they can create anything they want. A coliseum for fighting, a garden for walking and beach or sea for swimming.

They’ve developed a whole networked system across the city for everyone to watch. Their viewing figures are great! People are so interested in this new technology and keen to participate.

What type of world are the Techno’s creating in VR?

Ram has a disability which holds him back from doing some things he wants to do. The virtual world he has created for himself is his own little “Paradise”. It is a world where Ram can walk. He has created it with beauty in mind and nothing has been left out. There are beautiful gardens, beaches and people.

He likes to spend time in there when he wants to be on the same level as others. He may feel inferior in the real world and this is his paradise to enjoy.

But Ram and his Techno’s have created another virtual world with “virts” in mind. This world is not nearly as nice as Ram’s little “Paradise”.

Some of his reality space programs seem to be experimental and awful for the people put through them.

Then there are Lex’s reality space fights – they might seem harmless when your looking at them from outside but Lex knows all too well that it’s life or death.

For Ram Citynet is one big game. It’s entertainment for everybody!!

As yet we don’t know why Ram has set up this type of viewing – What possible use could it have for him? Does he really just want to keep doing nice things for the people of the city like turning on the electricity and providing entertainment?

No doubt we’ll find out soon what Ram’s plans for the city really are…