War and Domination in The Tribe

There are many Tribes in The Tribe and each one feels they own a sector of the city. Not everyone is part of a Tribe but in a world where chaos reigns it is better to be part of a large group than to try and survive on your own.

Trying to make headway in the city on your own would be tough. You would probably get picked on by others, you would be last in the cue to find the best hide-outs and places to live and you wouldn’t have the clout to out-do others for food and other things necessary for survival.

If you’re in a Tribe however you need to decide carefully exactly what sort of Tribe you want to be in because they all have different standards and morals.

The Demon Dogs and The Locos are the roughest, toughest tribes in the city. The Loco’s like to terrorise everyone in the city and drive fear into everyone because they have no morals and will do what they want, when they want. By doing this they usually manage to get the best of everything. They use heavy-handedness and threats to get anything they want. They recruit members carefully and everyone at one time wanted to be a part of The Locos. They have lots to offer in the way of food, power and all the good things that aren’t around anymore. But if you join them then you need to be prepared to rip off others and fight dirty to get the things you want. It’s certainly not for everyone.

Tribes also have different styles of names to identify them. For example, the Locos and Demon Dogs are scary sounding names in order to intimidate and frighten other tribes so that the Locos and Demon Dogs can dominate and rule different sectors of the city.

When they clash over territory there are bound to be casualties and all other Tribes stay well away. There have been a few close calls for the Mallrats especially Lex who is always amongst the worst things that happen in the city. Smaller Tribes like the Mallrats, wouldn’t pick a fight with Tribes like that – they would either out-wit them or they’d stay well away.

Tribes Uniting
When there’s a big issue in the city then sometimes the Tribes will unite and join forces in the fight. When the Techno’s finally pushed everyone too far, a meeting was called in Liberty and all leaders were unanimous in their decision that something had to be done. They decided to storm the city limits and the security gates installed by the Techno’s to keep the “un-wanted’s” out. They won that battle or at least showed The Techno’s that the city wouldn’t take their controlling attitudes lying down.

Unlike the Demon Dogs and Locos, other tribes do not try to survive by conflict and force but choose to live peacefully and to survive by helping one another and those less able to help themselves.

The Perfect World?
Wouldn’t it be great if everyone got along? Unfortunately that just doesn’t happen. Everyone has different personalities and everyone wants different things. Some people will only think of themselves to get what they want and others will consider everyone in their decisions.

There will always be a Tribe or a person that wants to dominate everyone else. The Techno’s, The Loco’s and The Chosen all wanted to rule the city unconditionally and they were prepared to lie, cheat and steal their way to get there.

On a smaller scale
Sometimes domination of others is done in a smaller way. Lex likes to be the dominant male in the Mallrats. He has no scruples and will lie, cheat and steal himself to get ahead and he will terrorise those weaker than himself like Jack and the younger kids. His need for power is real but definitely on a smaller scale compared to someone like Zoot. Lex could never lead a Tribe and he actually has some caring bones in his body which Zoot did not.

Whichever way you look at it there will always be conflict, domination and warring in the world and even with the adults gone in Tribeworld, things are just the same…