What can you see if you came to Cloud 9 Studios?

– Videos/Promos/latest productions – Several special videos are often shown to guests of the Cloud 9 studios. Of course the music videos are always an opener to hype up the guests with fantastic sounds of The Tribe. There is a choice of the Tribe promotional videos, a peek at behind the scenes in “The Making of…” and a sneak preview of some upcoming shows.

– Visit some of the different set rooms around the premises (Playground, exterior mall, guardians suite, Horton Bailey swimming pool) – Upon visiting the premises at Cloud 9 , there is immediate recognition of the infamous Horton Bailey Hotel, one step further takes you to through to the Hotel pool. Would you see a ‘Loco’ in there? Well maybe not anymore, but you might see the Art Department dressing up the set for a Tribe promotional scene, or a scene from our latest production ‘Atlantis High’. Either way, you may see some familiar faces behind the scenes, your favourite character perhaps. Even better, if Tribe is in production when a tour comes through, some Tribe characters can be seen resting between filming, eating in the café, or moving between their classroom and the set.

PHOTO 1 Here is the Horton Bailey Hotel, a.k.a. Cloud 9 Studios!

– See some Tribe vehicles (Locos Police Car) – Some of the Tribe vehicles make special appearances for some lucky visitors. Xmas time the Locos Police car comes out for the parades so can also be seen on the Tribe back lot. Additionally you can take a peek at the Chosen van.

PHOTO 2 Zoot and the Locos car.

– Visit the café (Take 9) for lunch (see some costume designs/awards/hear Tribe album play) – A special detour to the Café, also known as Take 9, enter to the sounds of the Tribe with Abe Messiah, lets you see some of the set designs in the sketch phase, photos from all previous productions, Cloud 9 awards and of course sample some of the fantastic food that your fellow Tribe cast members have for morning/afternoon teas and lunches. The odd time sees them eat pizza delivered, as a special treat, if filming goes late into the evening.

– Visit wardrobe department, see old costumes/accessories, costumes of latest production- A chance to see costumes of the day, or if you’re lucky Zoots costume may be on display, even Lex’s old outfit. Everything is designed and made in the Cloud 9 wardrobe department, ranging from sourcing accessories like feathers/hats/purses/earrings and most importantly boots, to sewing the leather pants and jackets/vests.

– Visit makeup department, see hair/makeup in action – depending on the time of day, a guest can often see a ‘look’ being created. Hair and makeup is often an involved process. It depends on the length of hair, if it needs colour spray or if it has been permanently dyed, and if there is a complicated makeup to be applied then it can be time consuming. On the odd occasion special guests have been able to help apply some make-up, under instruction from the make-up staff of course!

PHOTO 3 Meryl in the makeup room preparing to become EBONY!

– Go to the Actors green room, see where they ‘hang out’ between scenes– mingle with the cast? Well they lead very busy lives and have hugely hectic schedules so spending a long time with them is not really an option, nor should meeting a cast member even be expected if you visit the studio.

PHOTO 4 Check out the cast ‘chillin’ out’ in the Green room in between scenes.

However, some lucky visitors have seen all the cast in one place by visiting the green room (where they go to do everything from sleep, learn lines and practise with their other cast member, play cards?)

PHOTO 5 Ryan (Ryan) plays cards in the green room between scenes??

– Visit the Tribe Mall interior, see a scene being shot if in production – Depending on if filming is taking place, a tour may be able to see the entire mall interior (Studio A), which is a permanent structure and comprises most of the rooms where filming takes place. There are several rooms in Studio B that are only built and dressed for certain scenes, ie. Guardians suite, Moz’s headquarters, Eagle’s Hutt. On an ideal day, filming would be taking place inside the studio and then guests(only in complete silence of course!) could view a scene being rehearsed and ultimately shot. Often space is limited, and crew are behind the camera rushing around getting things in order for the cast to arrive on set, rehearse and then film a scene. Directors are giving instructions on angles/attitudes and specific looks required. Shooting – quietplease – (soundspeed) and…action.

– Meet a cast member? Some work behind the scenes/ meet BOB?? – As a special treat, on occasion a tour group has been able to meet Bob who sometimes comes to the office. He has a charming personality and loves groups of people who are going to pay him attention. He has now retired from his stressful acting days and loves to relax in the sun and stealing food. Some lucky guests have been able to talk to cast members ask them questions and even get their autographs.

PHOTO 6 Michael Wesley Smith and Bob meet some visitors to Cloud 9 studios.