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Cloud 9 20th birthday!

It was 20 years ago today… Today is the official 20th birthday anniversary of the Cloud 9 Screen Entertainment Group, which was founded on this day on 14th February, 1994.

Over the years, Cloud 9’s programmes have been broadcast in over 140 countries all around the world, in all corners of the planet from Japan to Canada, South Africa to Germany, Australia to Mexico, Singapore to even the skies over the Atlantic on airplanes – and we are proud that they continue to be shown to this day.

2014 is a big year – not only is it the 20th anniversary of Cloud 9 but it will also (later on) be the 15th anniversary birthday of The Tribe (since the first broadcast of The Tribe series 1 in 1999).

The Tribe is a big (and special) member of Cloud 9’s family of titles – and we would like to thank everyone, wherever you are, who has followed The Tribe (and watched other Cloud 9 titles too) over the years.

Thanks for the memories.  And for all the wonderful support.

An earlier milestone and a piece of The Tribe cake – mmmm!

We hope to have some exciting news soon to update you regarding The Tribe.  Negotiations have been going on and are continuing at this very moment on The Tribe movie and future plans for The Tribe…

There will also be some new books coming out this year (promise!) including the next book following ‘The Tribe: A New World’, some new translations, and we hope to have a few surprises ‘up our sleeves’…

The company has grown and evolved over the years (as have our viewers :o) ) and it has been a privilege and honour to have such support.

A big thanks to all the incredible cast and crew who worked so hard on all Cloud 9’s titles.

So to the fans – to all of you – please enjoy a big slice of ‘virtual birthday cake’ from us.  We look forward to sharing some 20th anniversary celebrations.

And here’s to tomorrow.  To the years ahead.  As a certain Tribe saying goes – look into the future, what do you see?

Keep the dream – and your own dreams – alive.