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Live ‘Ask Me Anything’ chat on Reddit with Ray and AJ Penn!

The live chat with Ray and AJ to talk about the newest Tribe books and the official story after season 5 of The Tribe took place on Sunday 15th March on Reddit.

The Tribe: A New DawnIt was The Tribe’s first ‘Ask Me Anything’ chat on Reddit and here is a link to the transcript on Reddit so you can read what happened.

Keep a look out for the username we have reserved on Reddit, which is called  ‘thetribeofficial’ (… we hope to be doing some more live chats in the near future to discuss all Tribal things and the Reddit AMA seems like a good way to allow the live chat to happen.

Also please subscribe to the new Cloud 9 Channel on YouTube ( as we’re uploading our series, Revelations, which stars many of your favourite Tribal cast – and don’t forget to check out Atlantis High and The Tribe TV Series channel on

Ray and AJ enjoyed answering the questions.  Thanks to everyone who joined in – and looking forward to the next live Tribe chat.  KTDA