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Many books based on The Tribe were published in German.  We have a very (very very) limited stock of books available on a first-come, first-served basis and once gone, they are gone forever!

You can find out more information and purchase any of the German heritage books below by clicking the links…

book-amber-un-dalBand 3 – Amber und Dal by Linda Jensen

Band 2 – Zwischen Hoffen und Bangen by Ralph Sander

Band 3 – Das Zeitalter der Auserwählten by Linda Jensen

Band 4 – Der Weg in die Freiheit by Linda Jensen

Band 6 – Verloren im Paradies by Linda Jensen

Band 7 – Zoot’s Erbe by Linda Jensen

Band 8 – Teuflische Rache by Linda Jensen

book-saleneBand 9 – Salene im Strudel der Leidenschaft  – Tribe Love by Linda Jensen

Band 11 – Ebony zwischen Macht und Liebe – Tribe Love by Natalie Gordon

Band 1 – Schöne Neue Welt by Ralph Sander

Band 1 – Die Vorgeschichte – Bray und Martin by Linda Jens

Band 2 – Lex und Ryan by Linda Jensen