A very Techno Christmas

Christmas has not been celebrated before in tribeworld but it is possible that it could be now that the Technos are on the scene. Christmas could be celebrated through the Paradise headsets.


Tribeworld kids could put the headsets on and whisk themselves away to Christmas’ past with their families or to a white Christmas that only dreams are made of. Maybe Ram would visit Santa Claus in his virtual reality?

So how might our tribesters spend their Christmas in a virtual world?

Jay – would want to be back with his brother Ved and would probably visit a Christmas that they had enjoyed before the virus struck.

Pride – would enjoy an Eco Christmas, surrounded by trees in the woods. He would commune with the stars and the animals and celebrate the true nature of Christmas by reflecting on how best he could live his life.

Amber – would want a Christmas with Bray and baby Bray and would transport herself to a family home with good food on the table, lots of presents under the tree and plenty of mistletoe to kiss her true love under.

Patsy – would want to be back with her family and spend Christmas building snowmen and eating her Mother’s Christmas cookies. She’d like to sing carols and visit all her friends. She would probably put antlers on her pet dog and throw snowballs at her brother Paul.

Ebony and Siva – would want to spend Christmas on a sandy beach surrounded by bronzed hunks who would peel grapes for them and make them lots of lovely fruity cocktails.

Jack – would hope to receive a new computer with all the gadgets and he would also like to have his family around him. They could all talk about software together.

Ram – would like to be running around in the snow with a bunch of snow babes. He would have a big party outside with lights in the trees. As long as all the attention was on him he’d be happy.

Trudy – would spend her Christmas with Brady and they would keep busy opening presents and playing games together. But Trudy would also like a present all to herself  Bray.

Java – might well be at the same beach as her sisters and would be happy reclining on a sun lounger and getting Ram to rub sun lotion into her back for her.

Ellie – would love to spend the day with all her loved ones, especially her sister Alice. She would hope that Jack would come over for dinner.

May – would want Pride to be her Christmas elf and she would spend her day making sure that he was well taken care of and she’d secretly be hoping that he would present her with a token of his undying love for her.

Salene and Ryan – would sit curled up on a couch by the tree, watching the snow fall outside and they would enjoy a beautiful Christmas feast together.

So where would you choose to spend Christmas if you could put on a Paradise headset?
Wherever you go in real life or in your dreams this Christmas we hope that you have a fantastic time.

A very Tribal Christmas to you!

See you in the New Year with some new Worldviews!