As someone once said – “We’ve got to have faith a faith a faith”. It’s all too easy to lose sight of where we’ve come from and where we’re going and that must be especially true in tribeworld. How can someone have faith in anything when they’re living in such harsh conditions?

No faith here mate.
There are several reasons why it would be easy for people in tribeworld to have lost faith completely. First of all it would be easy to lose your faith in religion or whichever god you believe in. All the adults were wiped out and how could you begin to come to terms with that in your life? What sort of a god could let that happen? Your faith would be hard-pressed to remain in tact if that happened to you, if you lost every one that you loved and every part of your history in one go.

I’m a survivor.
And then you would have to survive. How could you have faith in yourself? What if you were all alone in a world where you had to fight for food, water and shelter every day of your life? Would you have faith that you could get along okay? Would you have faith that you would hold on to your morals and not get into situations where you actually had to hurt someone else just so that you could survive?

Who do you love?
It would be extremely easy to lose faith in a partner. One minute your loved one is with you and the next minute they’re off with someone else and having a fantastic time and starting a family! How would you keep faith in relationships and the meaning of true love?

Lex, Bray, Amber, Pride, Salene – most of the Tribal guys and gals have gotten together with several different partners in the course of The Tribe and it’s quite possible if not probable that this would knock their beliefs and ability to form relationships in the future.

Faith in themselves

Ram – he has the utmost faith that he knows what he is doing is for the best. Not for the best of himself particularly but for the best for everyone in tribeworld. Although Ram knows that what he does can be harmful at times he thinks that in the end it will benefit everyone and that his virtual world is one that is much better than the real one.

Zoot – lost faith in what was right. He had been hurt so badly in his life that he didn’t see that there was a way other than to fight and bully everyone into doing what he wanted to do. Zoot was angry and he had faith in himself that he had a right to be angry and had a right to use his anger in his dealings with other people. Basically Zoot only had faith in himself and nobody else.

Bray – had tremendous faith in himself. He only had to look at his brother Zoot to see what someone could become if they lost faith in what was right. Bray always knew that what he was doing was the right thing and even if he stumbled along the way as most people do at some stages in their lives, Bray knew that he could trust his instincts and that everything he did was done for the right reasons.

Ebony – has faith that she should be the one to lead the city and that she has the necessary skills to make sure that everyone is looked after and provided for.Unfortunately Ebony lacks somewhat in morals and isn’t scared to do whatever she has to so that she can get to the position she wants to be in. Ebony truly only has faith in herself and although she often uses people to help her get what she wants she knows that the only person she can rely on is herself.

It’s a crazy world out there…
What faith would you have in your future? Especially if you had a young child of your own. With crazies such as the Big G. and Ram skulking around how could you possibly think that you had a future? It would be hard to have faith if you spent most of your time fighting for freedom and having to avoid the weirdo’s in the street, especially those with a fondness for wearing long blue coats.

Techno Schmechno.
There must also be a lack of faith in technology. Ram went way over the top in his quest for a virtual world and too many people were ‘deleted’ in the process. I would find it pretty hard to have any trust or faith in technology if that was what people were going to do with it.

Look into the future…
With life being so fragile and so unreliable in tribeworld we think that most of the characters must have lost faith at one stage or another. It must be those with tremendous strength of character that can get by in that world with their morals and ideals in tact and still have faith that they can keep the dream alive.