Cooking and Food

Fast food, takeaways, dinner out after a movie, curry before going out on a Saturday night; what would we do without all the fantastic (though often unhealthy) choices that we have for meals and snacks?

Let’s face it, some of us just can’t cook to save our lives! A slice of burnt toast and a tin of baked beans is about the extent of culinary capabilities in many student digs and other people live purely on microwaveable meals or leftovers from a trip to Mum’s for Sunday lunch.

So how would you cope if you were thrown into a world where there were no adults, no chefs and no cooking facilities.

Yes okay, some kids are great cooks and it is amazing what you can cook over a campfire. But many of us rely so heavily on supermarkets that we wouldn’t even recognise a carrot if we had to go searching for our own food once the tins and packets ran out.

Poor old Salene gets the job of cooking and providing meals more often than not and somehow she manages to serve up meals to a very large and very hungry Tribe day after day.

Jack tried to help out with his secret stash of chocolates, sweets and other goodies but Patsy and Paul managed to get into the cupboard and get through quite a substantial amount of stuff before they got sick and regretted their actions.

Pride tried to help by searching for mushrooms and berries but although Mr. Tofu likes that kind of thing it didn’t go down too well with the rest of the Mall Rats who were more in the mood for cheeseburgers and fries.


Fascinating Food Facts

  • Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It takes approximately 275,000 crosus flowers to produce 2.2 pounds of saffron.
  • Eggplant caviar is made out of baked eggplant, garlic, onions, tomatoes and olive oil.
  • French marigold flowers are used to colour foods such as cheese and butter in India and Africa.
  • A hard boiled egg takes around 12 minutes to cook.
  • Beetroot can be easily peeled after it has been cooked by rubbing the skin off under cold water.
  • Chive blossoms are edible.
  • Native American Indians and early settlers ate a kind of grass called Indian Ricegrass.

The Techno’s seem to have supplies of food all over the place. They have special T Bars full of all the nutrition you could need and they’re never short of supplying food if they want someone’s cooperation. Food in Tribeworld is scarce so having any amount to trade with means big moolah.

Trader’s come into the city with fresh bread, fruit and vegetables. The fresh produce can’t be grown in the city and orchards etc still exist on the city limits. Fresh bread is relatively easy to bake and it’s a big seller in the city.

With the electricity back on since The Techno’s arrived, cooking has become a lot easier. All the electrical appliances that help us cook like stoves, microwaves, toasters etc have helped the Mallrats eat a bit more of a variety of food. Before the electricity was on it would have been quite the task to roast a lamb leg. But with an oven it’s much more possible.

We should remember ourselves that there are many people around the world that are not able to eat every day. Third world countries are supplied not much besides rice. Clean water is also rare. Although the kids in Tribeworld have it hard – at least they have the resources to get the necessities in life.