Once upon a time…

In the good old days our ancestors used to sit for hours by the campfire and tell stories of how the constellations got their names, how the wars were fought and won and how the world was made.

As time went by people started to write these stories down and books were made. Now we have the benefit of movies as well as books and we can hear or see a story in a multitude of ways.

Some say that we spend too much time in front of the television screens and that more than a few of us are developing square eyes as a result.

Tribal stories

But in tribeworld (until quite recently) there was no television, none of the entertainment that we are soused to today.
Stories had to be told as the only form of entertainment and a long-lost artform would have been found once again.
Sure there are books around in tribeworld and the inhabitants of the city would have had access to them as well as to leftover magazines but to find the joy of storytelling in its raw form must have been enlightening for many of these kids who had long forgotten what true storytelling was all about.

They had been used to technological advances that even we have not heard of yet and with the departure of the adults this technology had disappeared.

New stories that might have come about after the Virus could have included tales of escape and survival as well as ones about lost loved ones and life in the days before tribeworld.

Some people are natural storytellers and have a real knack for making up things as they go along.

People for example, like the Big G. The Guardian told stories of what he had heard from the Almighty Zoot and let’s face it, a lot of these things were just made up so that the crazy guy could get his own way.

Mind you, if he was crazy then it’s quite possible that he actually believed that he was hearing things and not just making up stories!

Another person who was great at storytelling was Lex and we all must remember the time he put his feathers on and spun a bit of a yarn at the puppet show.

Lex is fantastic at making up things and he is always getting himself out of trouble with his women friends by coming up with a line or two about situations he supposedly got into.

Amber, Trudy and Salene are also good storytellers and often make up a good tale to tell the likes of Brady and the other younger kids like Mouse, Patsy, Cloe and Charlie.

Important stories

Storytelling can be really important because it’s a great way to work through problems. Some small kids need to think clearly and objectively about things that might be bothering them.

If you tell them a story that involves some of the issues that they are trying to deal with it can give them a fresh outlook on what the problems really are and what solutions there might be. Of course this can also work for older people too!

Old tales that are passed down from generation to generation are really important too because they help us to remember who have gone before us as well as to remind us of our history; where we have come from and what makes us who we are today.

Give it a go!

Most of us are able to come up with a story if we just sit back and let our imaginations go for it. That is something that we would definitely have to do if we were living in tribeworld and something that we should probably be doing anyway.

Some great things can come out of what starts off as just an idea. Believe in it, work at it and you never know what might happen!

And they lived happily ever after.

But that’s a whole different story…