“Trust –

1. Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.
2. Custody; care.
3. Something committed into the care of another; charge. 4.
a. The condition and resulting obligation of having confidence placed in one: violated a public trust.
b. One in which confidence is placed.
5. Reliance on something in the future; hope. ”

It is always hard to know who you can trust and it must be really hard in tribeworld! There are so many dodgy people around and even the ones you think are trustworthy often turn out not to be!

So who would you trust in tribeworld?

Amber – this young woman seems like she would be the most trustworthy out of the whole lot of the inhabitants. She has a sense of calmness about her and she is maternal and caring to most people that she comes across. She wants to see the best in everyone and she gets very let down when she realises that not everyone has the same high standards and morals that she herself has.

Salene – this is another person who wants to do the best for people and she is definitely extremely caring and nurturing. She has had her own set of problems though and when she gets upset she tends to go a bit loopy and someone like that might not be the type to be trusted completely. Having said that however, Salene would do anything to protect the ones that she cares about.

Lex – would you trust this guy as far as you could throw him? No, didn’t think so! Lex tries to be loyal to the ones he cares about but he just can’t help himself sometimes and lets everyone down – including himself.

Bray – he can be trusted but he does sometimes get out of control a little when he feels strongly about things. He would be trustworthy but only if he believed in what you were doing or wanting and if that matched his own beliefs and standards.

Jack – is a great guy and wants to look after that he holds dear to his heart. He is probably one of the most loyal people in the city and can be relied upon to keep things close to his chest – but he does have the capacity to let some things out by accident if he is in a stressful situation or is put on the spot.

Jay – is it easy to trust someone who was once a member of a tribe that you hated; a tribe that sought to destroy everything that you cared about? Jay seems like he can be trusted but there must be a reason somewhere in his past as to why he would have joined up with such a weirdo like Ram in the first place! Perhaps he has a hidden agenda or he just can’t make his mind up which side he’s on.

The Guardian – come on! What do you think?!

Zoot – as above.

Ram – see above.

Java – haven’t you got the general idea yet?

Ebony – well this one’s a little different. She does have feelings and has a certain amount of loyalty towards the Mall Rats but she is the type of person that wants to get what she can and she will gladly trade in someone for the right price. She is not as hard-hearted as someone like Zoot or her own sister Java but she is still really not one to be trusted.

Bob – everyone’s favourite companion, Bob the dog was completely trustworthy and would never give away a secret. He was very reliable and his loyalty was unquestionable.

Pride – this is one intense chap and one that would do anything for the person he loved. He has very definite standards and beliefs and although he will argue with those that do not see his way of thinking he will let people be who they want to be and respect them for their individuality. He is a good person to trust and would look after you well if you needed him.

Why is trust important?

We can all get by in the world but we need to know that we can trust people and different situations.

Some people are naturally trusting whilst others are a little more suspicious.
Without trust we would not be able to do anything! If we didn’t have trust that a bee was not going to sting us or a tree fall on our heads then we would never leave the house.
If we didn’t have trust in the fact that gravity would hold us onto the planet then we would be scared all the time!

Sure we have a certain amount of hard evidence that these things will not happen to us but sometimes the experts can be wrong!

Some people can also let you down and those of us that have been in bad relationships or have had terrible things happen to us will know that feeling all too well. Sometimes it is easier not to trust anyone and that way you won’t be hurt – but then at the same time you might well be losing out on meeting some great people, forming some wonderful relationships and experiencing some fantastic new things by avoidance!

We just have to have faith and trust that things will be okay.

It is people that lose their trust in situations or in people that get phobic about things and that can be really debilitating for someone.

But maybe we’ll cover that topic in another Worldview…